Sheffield Housing Company Developments, Sheffield, UK


Three developments were certified under BREEAM Communities at the request of the Sheffield Housing Company: Norfolk Park, Shirecliffe and Falstaff. The BREEAM Communities scheme was used as a specification of the quality requirements from the council through its delivery vehicle set up in 2011, the Sheffield Housing Company. This case study gives an overview of all three projects with a focus on the process used to reach certification.

The Falstaff site is in the Parson Cross neighbourhood. While the neighbourhood has recently received investment into its schools, shopping centres and parks it is made up of predominantly inter-war council housing resulting in a limited housing choice. The Norfolk Park site is in an area that has been comprehensively re-modelled over the last 10 years into a popular neighbourhood near to the city centre. The Shirecliffe site is made up of a series of infill plots within 3 miles of the city centre in an area of housing similar to that of Parson Cross.



  • A joint venture between Sheffield City Council, Keepmoat Homes and Great Places.
  • Across the three sites, there are plans to build 2,300 new homes for sale and rent on 60 hectares of land over the next 15 years in Sheffield
  • Phase one includes the three certified projects which are between 1.2 and 4.4 hectares each.
  • The programme includes 20 brownfield sites within existing urban areas.


  • BREEAM Communities Assessor: Dr Nick Buck
  • Assessor organisation: Drivers Jonas Deloitte
  • Developer: Keepmoat Homes
  • Certification Score: All three projects scored ‘Very Good’
  • Client: Sheffield Housing Company Ltd
  • Architect and urban designer: John Thompson & Partners


As the landowner, Sheffield City Council procured development partners and set up the Sheffield Housing Company structure including setting the design quality requirements. They also acted as the design champion, promoting and enabling the delivery of these requirements including BREEAM Communities certification. The team were looking for a way to achieve high quality design whilst enabling a level of flexibility to ensure the most commercial options were available. The BREEAM Communities scheme was used as a mechanism to enable third party quality assurance of the proposals.