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BREEAM In-Use International Technical Standard

For existing non-residential buildings

What is BREEAM In-Use International?

BREEAM In-Use International is an assessment method which assists property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to drive sustainable improvements through operational efficiency, including how to continually manage the operation of their building effectively.

What development types is it suitable for?

All existing commercial type buildings. Currently, the In-Use standard does not apply to residential dwellings.

What difference does it make?

 It benefits investors, owners, landlords, facilities managers and occupiers by:

  • reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency
  • enhancing asset value and increasing market demand
  • helping to attract tenants and occupiers
  • improving the wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people working in the building
  • helping bridge the 'performance gap' between modelled outputs and operational outputs
  • providing independent third party certification of a building’s sustainability
  • contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership.

How does it work?

BREEAM In-Use International is an online rating tool that allows users to register buildings, assess and certify the building performance. A dynamic scoring platform and reporting section allows the user to track and improve the performance of their building or portfolio of buildings. 

Is it country specific?

The BREEAM In-Use International standard is applied internationally. A common set of questions allows the user to compare assets with each other no matter where they are located. In countries where we are affiliated with an International Partner, a locally adapted version of BREEAM In-Use is available. Please view our Technical Standards Tool to find out which In-Use standard is applicable within your country.

Where is it being used?

BREEAM In-Use International certified buildings can be found in over 30 countries.

Learn more

BREEAM In-Use Online

It's easy and quick to register and manage BREEAM In-Use assets online .. this short video shows you how ..

An introduction to the BREEAM In-Use online system from BRE on Vimeo.

BREEAM In-Use FactFile

Download the BREEAM In-Use FactFile

A snapshot of the uptake of BREEAM In-Use based on asset location, building type and age

Download the full document here


Client Testimonials

"BREEAM In-Use allows us to be sure that each technical device will be properly maintained and operated 365 days per year."

Christophe Garot, Group HO Environmental Sustainability, Unibail-Rodamco

“Using BREEAM (…) means we focus not only on the buildings’ initial design and construction phase, but we also keep in mind the best, most efficient maintenance and upkeep once the facilities are in use.”

Rosa López, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Neinver

“By implementing BREEAM In-Use certification on our building we truly believe that the running costs of the building will be lower and the building market value will increase…In addition, we believe tenants will be more willing to rent or extend contracts there.”

Alexandru Galos, Owner of Olympia Business Park

BREEAM In-Use Brochure and Information

BREEAM In-Use Brochure (Sept 2016)

BREEAM In-Use Brochure (Sept 2016)

BREEAM In-Use The Oaks - Case Study

BREEAM In-Use The Oaks - Case Study

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