Carre Vert, Paris

Carre Vert, Paris

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Carre Vert, Paris

About the Building

Carré Vert consists of five buildings all linked to each other, but from different dates of inception. The oldest building used to be a chocolate factory.

Key Facts

  • BREEAM rating: Outstanding
  • Score: 87.07 %
  • Size: 18,939 m² SHON
  • Stage: Post-Construction
  • BREEAM version: 2009

Michel Janet, Managing Director, Wereldhave NV France says:

“BREEAM certification is a requisite to keep our properties competitive and sustainable whilst ensuring the durability of the tenant in the premises.”

Damien Liot, Technical Director, Wereldhave NV France says:

“Wereldhave chose BREEAM because of its international exposure and to evaluate our worldwide portfolio on the same basis.”

Overview of Environmental Features

  • Existing structure and facade conservation
  • Thermographic survey to prevent air leakage paths through the existing fabric
  • Control and review of all roof terrace insulation and waterproofing
  • Thermal evaluation and optimisation of the existing building under the national building regulation
  • Replacement of the historical traditional cooling production by a geothermal system
  • Replacement of all luminaries to reduce power installation
  • Implementation of photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels for hot water production, 2 wind turbines and urban solar lightings.
  • Life cycle cost analysis for design decisions
  • Adaptation of the lighting zones and thermal zoning of the tenant organisation
  • Adaptation of the ventilation rates and the HVAC systems to ensure maximum indoor air quality
  • Choice of low VOC emission finishing and VOC measurements campaign in progress
  • Acoustic survey of the building and review of all acoustic bridges to ensure maximum user comfort
  • Preservation of the gardens during refurbishment works
  • Enhancement of the landscape with an ecologist survey (planting terrace, flower meadows)
  • Implementation of a landscape management plan
  • Implementation of cycle racks and amenities for building users
  • Close commissioning management throughout the three construction works periods
  • Work on the building user guide with the tenant and publication through the building website
  • Implementation of an on-site sustainable water treatment and reuse of the treated water within the toilets
  • Leak detection system and sanitary supply shut off valves implemented on all toilet blocks
  • Replacement of the BMS to a more developed and adapted one for the building
  • Review of the waste storage locations and implementation of a composting device

The BREEAM Assessment

  • Health and Wellbeing score 100%
  • Waste 100%
  • Land Use and Ecology 90%
  • Transport 88.89%
  • Water 88.89%
  • Materials 76.92%
  • Energy 73.91%
  • Management 63.64%
  • Pollution 58.33%

Building Services

  • Cooling production is provided through two geothermal heat pumps which dispatch into the building through a cooled water loop.  
  • The heating system relies on convector supplied with grid electricity controlled through the BMS.
  • Fresh air rate of over 36m3/h/occ is provided through air conditioning centrals (CTA) into the offices, connected with CO2 detectors.
  • Electricity generated with 400 m² solar panels and 2 urban wind turbines.
  • Solar thermal panels save energy for the hot water system connected to restaurants.

Green Strategy

  • Replacement of the two air to air heat installed on terrace by two geothermal heat pumps.
  • Refrigerant detection system on the geothermal heat pumps technical local.
  • Additional thermal isolation on the roof.
  • 400 m² photovoltaic panels.
  • 60 m² solar thermal panels for hot water production.
  • 2 urban wind turbines.
  • Green roofing with sebum helping rainwater run-off and thermal isolation
  • Rainwater recycling system for irrigation and toilets
  • Sink water treatment recycling for toilets

Project Team Details

EDF (tenant), Wereldhave (landlord) and other stakeholders and users, including BREEAM Assessors Greenaffair, the architect and contractors have created a very dynamic and proactive team in order to succeed. Everybody at Carré Vert is now concerned with sustainability and ready for the next step with BREEAM In-Use.

Carré Vert, 45-49 rue Kléber, 92300 Levallois Perret, France, was assessed under BREEAM Europe Commercial 2009: Offices

  • Assessor organisation: GreenAffair
  • Assessor: Charlotte Miriel
  • Client: Wereldhave
  • Score: 87.07% Outstanding
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