Boleyn Road, London - Pilot


Boleyn Road, London - Pilot

About the building

This Victorian end-of-terrace home, which is part of the Forest Gate private finance initiative (PFI) scheme, is situated on Boleyn Road in the London Borough of Newham. Built around 1890-1900 and originally consisting of two separate flats, the property has been de-converted into one house. The occupier has mobility needs and the design of the building reflects this.

The building underwent BREEAM certification to help BRE Global develop the new scheme and also as part of the overall aim of achieving 80% carbon dioxide emission reductions by 2050, in line with the Climate Change Act (2008). The target was a BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment rating of Excellent under the pilot 2010 BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme. The local authority also wanted to prevent the dwelling from falling into fuel poverty by improving thermal insulation and installing low and zero carbon technologies, as Newham has one of the highest incidences of fuel poverty in the UK.

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