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BREEAM Infrastructure and CEEQUAL

We are bringing together two successful, sustainability assessment and certification schemes: BREEAM and CEEQUAL to create a single best practice standard for civil engineering projects.

Creating a single standard for industry

BREEAM and CEEQUAL are increasingly being used on the world’s most successful infrastructure projects, including Crossrail, Heathrow Terminal 2, and the London 2012 Olympics. Over the next two years we’ll be combining the best of both approaches into a new and improved infrastructure standard for industry. For more information on the development of the next generation standard and how you can get involved please visit the Infrastructure Consultation page.

Since announcing our acquisition of CEEQUAL, we bring together the capability to develop a new phase of sustainability assessments for civil engineering works.

Maintaining the success of CEEQUAL

Since launching in 2003, CEEQUAL has become an internationally recognised sustainability assessment, rating and award, rating and certification scheme for civil engineering works. By taking on the operation of the scheme we’ll secure its continued success and ensure its ongoing legacy.


No change for CEEQUAL users

CEEQUAL will continue to operate as normal whilst a single certification scheme and standard is developed – there will be no change to its current operations. Commitments and contracts with current customers will be continue unchanged. CEEQUAL will continue to be available for new project and term contract registrations, and the new CEEQUAL Version 5.2 is soon to be released.

The already planned upgrade of CEEQUAL to version 6 will now inform the development of the integrated scheme. CEEQUAL assessors will be able to transition their qualifications to BREEAM when it is launched in 2017/18.

Continue to use CEEQUAL

Full details on using CEEQUAL, including information on how to register a project or training to become a qualified assessor and more about what BRE’s involvement means for CEEQUAL can be found at the CEEQUAL website.

BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (Pilot)

BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (Pilot) is a performance based assessment method and certification scheme for new infrastructure assets. It aims to mitigate the life cycle impacts of new infrastructure assets on the environment and enhance positive social and economic impacts.

The methodology can be integrated into the design and construction process by clients and their project teams to influence key decisions in the project. It also enables the client to measure, evaluate and reflect the performance of their new infrastructure asset against best practice. The BREEAM Infrastructure Assessor and the BRE Global certification process provide independence and robustness to the assessment.

Application of the pilot standard to your projects

BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (Pilot) can be applied around the world through a simple bespoke process. The bespoke process adapts the technical standard for individual projects, recognising the local context and issues associated with the asset type whilst maintaining the credibility of BREEAM.

The bespoke process for infrastructure projects and associated timescales are detailed in BREEAM Bespoke Process - Guidance Note.

Be one of the first pilot projects

We are piloting the BREEAM infrastructure methodology with a select number of projects to learn how BREEAM can improve the sustainable design and construction of infrastructure assets. You can now apply this methodology to projects that are being newly constructed. We are operating this pilot for a period to verify the application of the BREEAM criteria to different types and scales of project.

The benefits of a pilot are significant. BREEAM is well known for setting the standard for best practice in sustainable design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised marks of environmental performance. These attributes are continued in the BREEAM application to infrastructure. The pilot process will:

  • Stimulate strategic thinking and integrated working in the project
  • Enable the project team to explore the sustainability issues associated with the project and improve the design, construction and future operation of the asset
  • Drive innovation and improved outcomes for the asset
  • Achieve third party certification against the pilot bespoke criteria
  • Give recognition to the project as leading the industry in performance and innovation
  • Influence the development of methodology through application of the pilot assessment
  • Provide a legacy contribution to sustainable infrastructure

To register your interest in the pilot programme, please complete the Infrastructure application form, or to find out more, please contact us through our UK office.

Train to be an assessor

We are running three-day training courses for people wishing to become qualified BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (Pilot) assessors. Assessors qualified and licenced in the pilot scheme will be able to transition to the single combined certification scheme when it is launched. Please refer to the Certification and Training page for details and dates of upcoming courses.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of FAQs for clients, assessors and the wider infrastructure community.

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