news from BRE

published: 24/5/2012

Passivhaus developments to make use of Greenprint

BRE’s Greenprint masterplanning tool to be used on non-domestic Passivhaus developments.

As Passivhaus evolves in the UK with larger multi-res and non residential developments now being considered, developers and architects are being asked to demonstrate compliance with local authority requirements that are not directly addressed by certified Passivhaus buildings.

GreenPrint is a bespoke site-wide sustainability assessment framework that is flexible to the local areas exact needs. Developed in consultation with local stakeholders, the design team and the local authority it is able to address issues written into a local authority’s sustainability plans and policies, but will also consider specific site and location issues and opportunities.

Due to GreenPrint’s flexibility and versatility it is able to compliment multi-residential Passivhaus developments directly recognising the benefits of the certified buildings. 

Kym Mead, Head of Passivhaus, BRE said 'As Passivhaus buildings will play a part in the future of new developments in the UK, for the social, private and commercial  sectors, GreenPrint is a logical step towards integrating Passivhaus into a broader local authority framework. I’m looking forward to applying GreenPrint to some of our Passivhaus projects.

For further information contact Linda McKeown, BRE, email