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published: 6/7/2012

'Exemplary' masterplan created for Beijing Green Building Park

The world’s largest developer, Vanke has received an exemplary award for its masterplan of the 519,000m2 Beijing Green Building Park in China. The plan, which achieved a score of 86% was assessed against BRE’s GreenPrint framework, a tool that helps planners achieves the most sustainable solution for a given development.

The Green Building Park, which is modelled on the BRE Innovation Park in Watford will feature a range of highly sustainable demonstration buildings, landscaping and gardens is located on in the Fangshan District of Beijing City. This area of the city is currently undergoing major construction and infrastructure works. The Green Building Park will act as the ‘lungs’ for this newly developed area, and will connect it to other green spaces along the Xiao Qing River.

The award was presented to Vanke at the 7th Urban Development and Planning Conference, in Guilin China by BRE Director Jaya Skandamoorthy  who said ‘I am delighted that Vanke have achieved this major milestone for the Beijing Green Building Park. It will set the benchmark for other developments in China and around the world’.

Some key features of the masterplan are:

  • Energy:. combined heat and power (CHP), biomass, geothermal and other renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic and wind turbine.
  • Climate: Evaporative cooling effects from a central manmade lake will help to draw in cool air during the day time and moderate the night time temperature fluctuation.
  • Ecology: a variety of different habitats for woodlands, wetlands, orchards and meadows will be created along with food production gardens and a botanic garden
  • Education: The demonstration buildings on the Park will allow visitors to learn about sustainability and also provide a facility for professionals to test their latest thinking on renewable energy, waste and water management.
  • Water: The masterplan, which takes into account the low rainfall received in Beijing and the potential for flash floods incorporates rainwater harvesting, grey water harvesting and biofiltration through natural means which enhances the site aesthetics and biodiversity credentials.
  • Access:.The plan for the site is pedestrian dominated with cars excluded from the central space. Existing road connections between the north and south of the district will be enhanced.

Mr Haung Cheng, Vanke’s project manager for the Park who received the award, said ‘Vanke are truly honoured to have received this award from BRE. We wanted to incorporate sustainability from the outset of the project so getting the masterplan right is key to achieveing our challenging targets on the project. We are very pleased with this result.’

Construction of the first building on the site is now underway with a visitor centre designed to the BREEAM Excellent standard with several more to follow in the coming months.



*The Green Print framework covers eight key areas which impact on sustainability:

  • Climate change - Ensures developments mitigate, and are appropriately adapted to, present and future climate change impacts.
  • Resources - Promotes the sustainable use of resources including water, materials and waste, both in construction and operation.
  • Transport - Ensures transport hierarchy issues are fully addressed and catered for within the development.
  • Ecology - Ensures the ecological value of the site is conserved and enhanced.
  • Business - Ensures that the development contributes to the sustainable economic vitality of the local area and region.
  • Community - Ensures the development supports a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community that integrates with surrounding communities.
  • Placemaking - Ensures the design process, layout structure and form provide a development that is appropriate to the local context.
  • Buildings - Ensures that the design of individual buildings does not undermine the sustainability of the overall development.

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