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published: 10/7/2012

BRE Trust appoints 12 research fellows

The BRE Trust has appointed twelve eminent scientists, including past and present Chief Scientific Advisors to Government, as BRE Fellows*. They will play a vital role in shaping and delivering the Trust’s future research strategy.

A key part of their remit will be to help identify knowledge gaps in a global built environment which is currently faced with a number of challenging issues: climate change mitigation & adaption, technology integration, resource scarcity, mass urbanisation, austerity measures, changing demographics and an ageing world population.

Now in its tenth year, the BRE Trust continues to be the leading charitable organisation to fund research and education that advances knowledge of the built environment. It currently sponsors five University Centres of Excellence in Strathclyde, Bath, Cardiff (x 2) and Edinburgh. To date the Trust has awarded scholarships and bursaries to over 70 PhD and MSc students.

The newly appointed Fellows will help steer the research conducted through the Trust’s University Centres of Excellence and through the BRE Group of companies to ensure that it drives innovation and change for the next generation and builds a better world.

BRE fellows

Photo, from left: Dr Deborah Pullen (BRE Director of Knowledge Exploitation), Prof Chris Tweed, Prof Peter Walker, Prof Tim Ibell, Prof Nigel Brandon, Prof John Counsell, BRE Chairman Martin Wyatt, BRE's Chief Scientific Advisor Doug King, Prof David Ormandy, and BRE Chief Executive Dr Peter Bonfield. 

In addition to the five Professors from BRE Trust funded Centres of Excellence at Bath, Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Cardiff Universities, the Fellows include the current Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) and the former Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for Business and Skills and the Department of Transport. The next President of the Institution of Structural Engineers is also appointed as a BRE Fellow.

The first meeting of the BRE Fellows took place on 10 July, during a two day research conference in Watford for the 45 BRE Trust-supported PhD students from the BRE University Centres of Excellence.


*The Twelve BRE Fellows are: 

Prof David Ormandy Head of World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Housing Standards and Health, University of Warwick 
Prof Nigel Brandon Director of the Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College (Ceres Power) 
Prof Brian Collins Former Chief Scientific Advisor for the Department of Transport and Department of Business Innovation and Skills 
Prof Tim Ibell Vice President and Civil Engineering, University of Bath 
Prof John Counsell Energy Utilisation, University of Strathclyde 
Prof Peter Walker Innovative Construction Materials, University of Bath 
Prof Jose Torero Fire Safety Engineering, University of Edinburgh 
Prof Yacine Rezgui Building Systems and Informatics, Cardiff University 
Prof Chris Tweed Sustainable Building Design, Cardiff University 
Prof Sir Colin Humphreys Director of Research in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge 
Prof Sean Smith Director of the Institute for Sustainable Construction, Napier University 
Prof Jeremy Watson Arup and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Communities and Local Government, Emerging Technologies Policy Panel.

Further information: Peter White, BRE, email, tel 01923 664309.

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