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published: 29/8/2012

First approval for High Security range of shutters

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd’s security shutters are the first to achieve approval to security rating 4 of LPS 1175 Issue 7, LPCB’s leading security standard.

The company, which provides security solutions for industrial and commercial applications such as warehouses, workshops and shopping malls, has successfully completed the approval to LPS 1175: Issue 7 (Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers) for its ‘Rolegard-High Security SR4-DSHD’ range of shutters.

Paul Barson, General Manager of Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd, Industrial Door Division said: "The safety and security of our customers' employees and property has always been paramount. Achieving certification to the latest LPS 1175 (Issue 7) firmly demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative security solutions that meet their needs.”

He added: “We are extremely proud to now offer a choice of certificated products that can meet medium, high and very high attack risks which can be used as a standalone system or as part of more advanced layered security solutions"

Paul Dillon, Physical Security Scheme Manager on behalf of LPCB said: “Appropriate physical security will protect a building from the unwanted attentions of both the opportunist and experienced criminal. By having their range of Rolegard shutters approved to LPS 1175: Issue 7, Gilgen has demonstrated their commitment to providing a product that offers high levels of security for use in the protection of property and business.”

LPS 1175covers the broadest scope of products and services of any publicly available physical security standard in the world and the rigorous approval programme is designed to address risks that may not be adequately covered by or may require higher standards other than national or international standards.

Physical security products and systems are rated to LPS 1175in terms of the resistance to forced entry they provide against different levels of attack. The Security Rating (SR) system ranges from SR1 to SR8 and is based upon domestic risks (1 and 2), commercial risks (2, 3 and 4), high security risks (5 and 6) and extremely high security risks (7 and 8). These ratings are based on the tools and time available to the attacker. The tools range from those that can easily be concealed about a person and used by an opportunist burglar, to larger tools used during a planned attack.

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