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published: 23/11/2012

Housing tool saves £1 million for LA's by mitigating hazards

Following the launch of the Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC) in September, the tool reached its first milestone this week by demonstrating a £1million saving to society following local authoritiy action to mitigate housing hazards in the private sector.

The Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC), which measures the impact of poor housing on the health of occupiers, has been developed by BRE in partnership with environmental health specialists RHE to provide local authorities with the information they need to drive up public health standards and reduce costs. It demonstrates the relationship between health and hazards in the home, measuring the cost savings to the NHS and wider society gained through the implementation of home improvement strategies.

The interactive tool enables free calculation of Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) scores. It provides a valuable resource for public health professionals and housing associations who can use it to measure their contribution towards improving the health of their tenants.

“Where there are health hazards in homes such as cold and damp or trips and falls the cost to occupiers of possible medical treatment can be measured. The cost saving when the health hazards have been mitigated is the measure of success.” explained Viv Mason, Principal Consultant in BRE’s Housing and Energy Group.

46 local authorities from across the country are registered as using HHCC to record their work. The achievements show that enforcing landlords in the private rented sector to improve conditions for occupiers or enabling small grants to owners can make a big difference to health .

To view the tool and register free of charge, visit

Notes for editors

BRE’s Housing and Energy Group works alongside central and local government and other housing stock managers to assess the condition and performance of their housing and determine the most efficient and cost effective repair, maintenance and improvement strategies. The group has been closely involved in undertaking national housing surveys for over 40 years.

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