IET London, Savoy Place Upgrade – Pilot Project

Project background

Savoy Place has been the IET’s London home since 1909 and is a building full of character and history. While it currently provides a high quality venue for both the IET’s activities and external clients, the IET’s Board of Trustees identified an opportunity to substantially improve its layout, functionality and infrastructure – to not only provide a modern home for the IET over the coming decades, but also to preserve the building’s important heritage.

The refurbishment of Savoy Place is intended to reinvigorate it as the IET’s flagship home; providing a hub for its activities, a focal point for its members and a building that promotes the key contribution of engineering to society, both in the past and the future.  A key part of this is providing a building that has been refurbished using sustainable techniques and technologies to demonstrate how an important historic building can be brought up to modern standards in a sustainable way.


BREEAM Refurbishment Pilot

To demonstrate its commitment to the sustainable refurbishment of Savoy Place, the IET is working with BRE to pilot the BREEAM Refurbishment 2014 scheme which is under development. The IET is aiming to achieve the highest BREEAM rating it can for the refurbishment, with ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’ being the objective. This is no mean feat given that since BREEAM was launched in 1990, less than 8% of refurbishment projects certified have achieved an ‘Excellent’ rating compared to more than 30% of new buildings.

The piloting study will look at how sustainability standards can be set for historic buildings by testing out strict environmental criteria on the design proposals for Savoy Place. This will provide vital information on the extent to which sustainability can successfully be addressed in historic buildings. From that an appropriate set of standards can be developed, covering issues including energy, water, waste, transport, ecology, pollution, health and wellbeing, materials, management and innovation. These standards will then be available for use on other historic buildings in order to gain certification against the BREEAM Refurbishment scheme which is due to be available in late 2013 / early 2014.

Comments from project team

“The IET is delighted to be working with BRE on piloting the BREEAM Refurbishment scheme. We look forward to feeding in the lessons learnt from our experiences at Savoy Place, along with the wider knowledge that the IET has in the Built Environment Sector.” Ann Rees, Programme Manager, Savoy Place Refurbishment.

Further information

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