Refurbishment & Fit-Out

Refurbishment and Fit-Out

BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out Technical Standard

For the refurbishment of existing buildings

What is BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out?

This standard allows real estate investors, developers and building owners to assess and mitigate unnecessary environmental damage caused whilst completing a refurbishment or fit out project.  Following the assessment process a certificate is awarded, which recognises the environmental performance of the building once improvements have been made to the external envelope, structure, core services, local services or interior design of a building. 

What development types is it suitable for?

The standard covers a broad range of buildings, ranging from commercial buildings such as retail and offices, to residential institutions such as student accommodation and care homes.  It also covers public sector buildings, such as education and healthcare. Specific criteria is also available for heritage buildings that take into account constraints made by conservation officers. For a full list of our development types, please refer to the Scope section (2) listed within the Technical Standard. If your development type is not included within the Scope section, you can secure BREEAM certification using our BREEAM Bespoke process.

What difference does it make?

It benefits investors, owners, landlords and occupiers by:

  • Retaining, improving and future proofing existing building assets instead of demolishing and rebuilding
  • Increases asset value by attracting clientele looking for improved standards of living or working conditions that enhances occupiers health, wellbeing, productivity & satisfaction
  • Improves overall building performance, which in turn reduces overall operational costs
  • Offers a route to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and sustainable business leadership
  • Provides certification and assurance from third party licensed assessors, that the building's environmental performance has been met
  • Broader benefits of applying BREEAM can be located here

How does it work?

Building investors, developers or owners wishing to have their asset BREEAM assessed must first appoint a Licenced BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-Out Assessor. A full list of Assessors can be located here. Once an Assessor has been appointed, a number of site visits will be arranged. The site visits typically occur at least once during the pre-assessment stage and once just after the building has been refurbished or fitted out. The Assessor completes their assessment during and after the site visits, in addition to collecting the necessary evidence from the development team. Appointing a Licensed Assessor as early as possible, will significantly improve the opportunity to reduce environmental impacts over the course of the project.

Is it country specific?

BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-Out is applicable to all countries except for countries where we are affiliated with an International Partner. To understand which International Partner will be affiliated with your project, please view our Technical Standards Finder.

What are the BREEAM RFO certification fees?

To understand how much it will cost to certify your Refurbishment and Fit-Out project please see our fee sheet here

For UK Refurbishment and Fit-Out Standards

BREEAM Refurbishment Brochures & Information

BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-Out Brochure (May 2016)

BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-Out Brochure (May 2016)

Low Carbon Domestic Refurbishment

Low Carbon Domestic Refurbishment

Sustainable refurbishment of domestic buildings

Sustainable refurbishment of domestic buildings

Sustainable refurbishment of heritgage buildings

Sustainable refurbishment of heritgage buildings

Client Testimonials

“Constantly looking to push boundaries on what we can achieve in the sustainability arena, we believe that improving existing assets, where we have the opportunity to do so, is pivotal to reducing the impact that the built environment has on our fragile eco-system. This can only be achieved by working with forward thinking third parties who demonstrate skills and understanding in this area.”

Debbie Hobbs, Head of Sustainability at Legal & General Property.

To learn more about BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit out, check out our Training and Certification Page and talk to a BREEAM Refurbishment Licensed Assessor about your refurbishment project now.

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