Responsible Sourcing in BREEAM

Responsible Sourcing in BREEAM

Responsible Sourcing in BREEAM

The responsible sourcing of construction products is an increasingly debated topic in sustainable construction.

Responsible sourcing considers a wide range of sustainability issues across entire supply chains, and by doing so encompasses various elements of resource stewardship, corporate responsibility and sustainable procurement practice. Since the mid-1990s BRE has supported responsible sourcing by awarding credits within its building assessment schemes.

Within BREEAM (and HQM), responsible sourcing is assessed by looking at the responsible sourcing credentials of specified construction products using responsible sourcing certification schemes (RSCS) that have been evaluated by BRE. As there are a growing number of responsible sourcing certification schemes available, each responding to the specific needs and issues relating to the their respective sectors, BREEAM has recognised the need to differentiate between schemes on the basis of their scope and rigour. This is based on a common set of overarching evaluation criteria relating to each scheme’s stakeholder engagement, certification rigour, scope and transparency.

The RSCS evaluation methodology was developed by BREEAM involving responsible sourcing scheme operators and wider stakeholder engagement between 2013 and 2016. The following documents, which can be downloaded from this page, explain the methodology and present the score levels for use in BREEAM and HQM assessments:

If you are interested in having a responsible sourcing scheme evaluated by BRE for use in BREEAM and HQM, or require further information on the subjects covered by this page, please contact: Alan Yates, Technical Director, BREEAM ( or call 0333 321 88 11.


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