Technical Standards

Technical Standards

Technical Standards Finder

Use our tool to locate which Technical Standard applies to your development type.


When using our Technical Standard Finder, it is important to check the scope of our criteria, which is located within the Technical Standard against your development needs.  BREEAM takes no responsibility for the incorrect use of our standards.  To further verify whether our tool has correctly identified the most appropriate standard for your particular development, please contact a Licensed Assessor prior to registration.

Building Sectors

Learn how BREEAM standards have been applied within a variety of building sectors by visiting each of the icons below.

Data Centres
Mixed Use
Other Buildings

Bespoke Projects and Mixed-Use Development

For master planning; new construction of buildings (including pilot infrastructure); refurbishment & fit out projects that do not fit within the scope of our technical standards, BREEAM offers a ‘Bespoke’ service that caters to your projects, individual, needs instead. Depending upon the developments specific use, sustainability opportunities and its location, the bespoke process involves tailoring criteria prior to the development being designed and constructed, whilst still adhering to our Core BREEAM Technical Standard and Processes.

For more information regarding what this process involves, the length of time it can take to produce tailored criteria and whether this option is suitable for your project development, please read our Guidance Note which further defines the BREEAM Bespoke Process. To read guidance on how to make an application, visit here. To apply for a bespoke project, visit here.

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