Sustainable refurbishment of heritage buildings

This briefing paper will help readers understand the levels of environmental performance that can be achieved in heritage buildings – i.e. listed buildings and buildings in conservations areas. For these types of building there can be several inherent restrictions which limit the potential improvements that can be delivered. This paper provides an overview to planners, … Continue reading “Sustainable refurbishment of heritage buildings”

Towards a Greener Future – Market report on sustainable real estate

Real estate is responsible for the majority of Europe’s carbon emissions and the industry will be at the forefront of any reduction in carbon and other sustainability improvements. DLA Piper surveyed more than 100 European real estate investors, asking a series of questions about trends in sustainability, green certification and documentation and the reasons for … Continue reading “Towards a Greener Future – Market report on sustainable real estate”

The Case for BREEAM Communities

BREEAM Communities is a way to improve, measure and certify the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the plans for large-scale developments by integrating sustainable design into the masterplanning process. This publication describes the range of benefits for developers, local authorities and other masterplanning professionals from using BREEAM Communities.