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Health and Wellbeing

Category overview

Weightings Minimum standards

Fully fitted 15%

Shell only 10%

Shell and core 10.5%



This category encourages the increased comfort, health and safety of building occupants, visitors and others within the vicinity. Issues in this section aim to enhance the quality of life in buildings by recognising those that encourage a healthy and safe internal and external environment for occupants.

Category summary table

Issue ID

Issue name


Credit summary

Hea 01

Visual comfort

Up to 6

  • Potential for disabling glare has been designed out of all relevant building areas.
  • Good practice daylighting levels have been met.
  • Floor space in relevant building areas has an adequate view out to reduce eye-strain and provide a link to the outside.
  • Internal and external lighting systems are designed to avoid flicker and provide appropriate illuminance (lux) levels.
  • Internal lighting is zoned to allow for occupant control.

Hea 02

Indoor air quality


  • Minimising sources of air pollution through careful design specification and planning.
  • Building ventilation strategy is designed to be flexible and adaptable to potential future building occupant needs and climatic scenarios.

Hea 03

Safe containment in laboratories


  • Production of an objective risk assessment of the proposed laboratory facilities.
  • Containment devices such as fume cupboards meet best practice safety and performance requirements and objectives.
  • Containment level 2 and 3 laboratory facilities to meet best practice safety and performance criteria where specified.

Hea 04

Thermal comfort


  • Thermal modelling carried out to appropriate standards.
  • Projected climate change scenario(s) considered as part of the thermal model.
  • The thermal modelling analysis has informed the temperature control strategy for the building and its users.

Hea 05

Acoustic performance

up to 4 credits

  • The building meets appropriate acoustic performance standards and testing requirements in terms of:
    • Sound insulation
    • Indoor ambient noise level
    • Reverberation times.
Hea 06 Safety and security 2
  • Provision of effective measures which support safe access to and from the building.
  • Security needs are understood and taken into account in the design and specification.

Hea 01 Visual comfort

Hea 02 Indoor air quality

Hea 03 Safe containment in laboratories

Hea 04 Thermal comfort

Hea 05 Acoustic performance

Hea 06 Safety and security

BREEAM UK New Construction non-domestic buildings technical manual 2014
Reference: SD5076 – Issue: 5.0
Date: 23/08/2016
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