BREEAM In-Use Launched in the USA


BREEAM provides building owners, facility managers and building occupants a consistent and credible means of determining the impact and performance of their buildings, as well as areas for improvement.

  • Tailored to the US market but maintains International comparability
  • Independently verified by licensed BREEAM Assessors
  • Applicable to all commercial building types, allowing comparability and standardization across a portfolio of properties
  • Available for buildings of all ages, sizes and performance levels
  • Assessment and benchmarking are easily accessed and facilitated through the BREEAM In-Use Online Tool
  • Allows for benchmarking and/or certifying against one or more areas: the building’s built form, operational performance and the occupant’s activities and use of their space
  • An holistic approach to sustainability evaluation, collectively assessing performance across a wide range of environmental categories
  • Focused on year-over-year improvement
  • Flexible and adaptive to client requirements, providing a score and rating that allows the client to pursue those issues which provide them most value


Why is BREEAM In-Use unlike other Sustainability Assessment Methods found in America?

There are many choices building owners and managers can chhose from for a sustainability assessment method used with existing buildings.  So why are over 85 percent of the existing building stock in the USA not taking advantage of a third-party certification for green buildings?  Most existing buildings don’t meet the criteria for prerequisites like an Energy Star score of 75.  Consequently, the majority of existing buildings in the US don’t have a formal framework or consistent motivation to improve building operations.  BREEAM In-Use is able to reach nearly every existing building so owners and property managers can understand how their building operates, how they can make improvements, and then have the opportunity to get a certification to promote their successes.

BREEAM In-Use is applicable to any existing commercial building – regardless of its size, age or condition.  There are no prerequisites or other barriers to using the BREEAM In-Use standard.  It’s a scientifically-based, yet easy-to-use rating system.  BREEAM In-Use is an online environmental assessment methodology of a building’s operational performance.

A property owner or manager starts out by purchasing a performance measurement for their building for $1000.  Next step is to complete an online assessment which is available for up to one year – first used to benchmark operations and then used as a framework for improvement.  If certification is desired, a licensed BREEAM Assessor is independently hired to make an on-site visit to the building and certify the building for true third-party green building certification.

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Become a BREEAM USA Assessor

Now is a great opportunity to add to your suite of services by becoming a BREEAM USA Assessor.  Sign up for an Assessor Training class with BREEAM USA and we’ll not only train you on the BREEAM In-Use methodology, but show you how easy it is to market BREEAM In-Use because there is less paperwork and less time involved for clients.

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“The BRE USA team did a fantastic job at thoroughly prepping and explaining all the ins and outs of the program and organizational structure.  The team is well organized and dynamic, which made for a very productive two-day session.  I would certainly recommend the training program for anyone who is thinking about or seeking to become an Assessor for themselves and their organization.”

Allan Robles, Urban Fabrick, Inc.

“Innovia is an atypical building for SNCF.  Its certification is part of our company’s sustainable development project.  This certification is a first for us, with a series to follow.”

Jean-Marc Roger, SNCF

“For us Innovia represents a pioneering project using BREEAM In-Use certification.”

Antoine de Broglie, Chairman of STAM Europe (representing owners SCI CHINON)

“We are particularly proud of obtaining this level of certification and thereby becoming the first shopping centre in the world to be certified Outstanding for both parts. It recognizes a systematic involvement and awareness of the team on environmental issues from the design stage to the day-to-day property management.”

Patrick Rolland, shopping centre director of La Caserne de Bonne

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The Aim of BREEAM


Continuous performance improvement and innovation by setting and assessing against a broad range of scientifically rigorous requirements that go beyond current regulations and practice


Those who own, commission, deliver, manage or use buildings, infrastructure or communities to achieve their sustainability aspirations

Build Confidence and Value

By providing independent certification that demonstrates the wider benefits to individuals, business, society and the environment