2020park Forusparken, Norway

The first development to achieve BREEAM Communities final certificate in Norway

Project Details

  • Scheme: BREEAM Communities
  • Stage: Final
  • Score & rating: 93%-Outstanding
  • Certificate number: BREEAM-0082-8194

Project Team

• Assessor: Golder Associates AS-Ida Kristine Buraas
• Client: 2020park AS
• Developer: 2020park AS
• Architect: DARK Arkitekter AS
• Project Management: ÅF Advansia AS
• Consultants: SWECO & Asplan Viak
• Planning Consultant: Prosjektil AS

About the Development

The development 2020park-IK6 is roughly 45,000 m2 in area and is a part of a masterplan under long term development comprising a total area of approximately 120,000 m2. The development is located 12 kilometers from the city center of Stavanger and has previously been used as a brewery plot. The masterplan development has been underway for some years now, with investments in infrastructure, refurbishment of the old brewery buildings to offices and shops/different services as well as a new office building of 22 500 m2 in the first stage. The current stage two is the development of IK6, that has now been certified as Outstanding in accordance to BREEAM Communites.

2020park is an essential part of the multifunctional district of Forus, and the aim is to develop an area with good physical settings for housing, work, recreation, service and shopping. The site is in the middle of the newly identified junction in the inter-municipal sub-plan between the three cities Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola municipality (IKDP), where all public transport is undergoing significant upgrades and expansion. In the long run – as the cities grow together, this area will be in the middle of the new city.
The masterplan for 2020park has the potential to comprise of 10,000 modern workspaces and close to 600 residences with shops, cafés, restaurants and a range of other services. The section IK6 will contain 100 000 m2 for different functions and close to 100 apartments.

When starting planning of stage two (IK6) the developer chose BREEAM Communities certification because they wanted a tool to provide a framework to help them systematically achieve their sustainability goals, as well as a benchmark to quantify their efforts and confirmation of their ambitions. This has been proven by achieving not only the first final certification in BREEAM Communities in Norway but also the highest BREEAM Communities score world wide. Everyone talks about sustainability and the environment, but an independent third-party certification like BREEAM provides a validation and quality statement that the area has been developed with specific measures and solutions within sustainability.

Green Strategy

The strategy is based on the principles of “ten minutes city”, where people most should be able to perform their daily tasks within a small area and thus reduce the impact of transport on the environment and local infrastructure.

The development is located in an inter-municipal junction and sought to respond to the extensive upgrades to public transport where a main line is going to run directly by the development. Following the strategy outlined above, the developer wanted to reduce the need to travel by car in, to and from the area. Which in the local area is the dominant form of transport. The strategy is further implemented by planning very few parking spaces and instead focus on facilities for biking, electrical and otherwise.

The developer of 2020park took an early position and selected statements that they strived to live up to during the development and for the future:
• The best way to predict the future is by making it
• The next best is to adapt to future needs.
• Did you know – 70% of jobs in 2040 have not yet been invented

Understanding future generations needs and predicting the future by creating solutions to meet their demands, and at the same time preserve sustainability for the generations to come, is through the developers’ philosophy integrated in the masterplanning.
BREEAM Communities facilitates the project to reach its goals by setting specific requirements early in the masterplanning. Early inclusion of studies compared to regular development was essential for 2020park in order to achieve necessary preconditions into plan provisions. This enabled us to ensure that the solutions that were investigated were achievable and the anchoring assumptions at the overall plan level.


The benefits of assessing to BREEAM

• Mixed-use community with housing, offices, retail and green infrastructures.

• Sustainable building materials and BREEAM-certification for all new constructions. Contributing to reduce environmental impact through lowering CO2 emissions and waste.

• Environmental friendly transport solutions with city bikes and broad cycle- and pedestrian paths – connecting 2020park with bordering networks.

• Solid focus on green-blue infrastructure to provide environmentally friendly water handling and recreational opportunities. Making it more attractive to tenants as well as the surrounding local community.

• Energy efficient innovative solutions through new battery technology to store solar energy. Which will result in lower running and operational costs as well as increased share of clean energy.

• Digital solutions and autonomous service robots to connect users, service providers and autonomous services through a digital platform for a more efficient work-place and every day life.


The value of gaining certification 

BREEAM Communities has given us an ideal opportunity to be involved in a wide range of sustainability issues for a larger development.
Working with BREEAM Communities has provided us the insight of how a development brings opportunities to the local community and future users. -Ida Kristine Buraas, Assessor, Golder Associates AS