Castleward, Derby

A redevelopment to create a new community of sustainable homes and businesses

Project Details

  • Assessor Company: HTA Architects Ltd
  • Score & Rating: 42.3% Good
  • Stage: Interim
  • Client / Developer: Lovell Partnership Ltd
  • Certificate Number: BREEAM-0044-6161

Project Objectives

The Council had already developed the ‘City Centre Eastern Fringes Area Action Plan’, setting out the vision and objectives for the development. Compendium Living’s proposal used site analysis and community consultation to develop three key principles for the masterplan and phase one of the development: 1) Movement and access; 2) Open Space; and 3) Sustainability. BREEAM Communities was used as the framework to incorporate sustainability in the masterplan in coordination with the city’s own strategic sustainability priorities.

About the Development

Castleward is a 12.1 hectare brownfield regeneration site in Derby currently undergoing redevelopment to create a new community of sustainable homes and businesses. This £100 million project is located between Derby Midland Station and the city centre. The development is a joint venture between Derby City Council and a private partner, Compendium Living, a company jointly owned by housing developer Lovell Partnerships and social housing provider The Riverside Group.

  • The project spans five phases over 15-20 years. Work on phase one started in November 2012 and includes 163 homes, 16,500sq ft of commercial space, a boulevard and a new urban park over five acres of land
  • Plan in the long-term to create around 800 new homes and 34,500 square feet of commercial space
  • The site utilises the existing street hierarchy, scale and massing
  • The development enhances links to surrounding green space and providing a strong connection between the city centre and public transport connections.