Dock Gate 20 Extension, Southampton

Associated British Ports has a strong environmental policy and focuses on energy and environmental initiatives

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: New Construction 2011
  • Stage: Final
  • Location: Southampton, UK
  • Size: 6,025m2
  • Score & Rating: 72.85% Excellent
  • Certificate Number: BREEAM-0062-9808

Project Team

  • Client: Associated British Ports
  • Assessor: TNG Consulting Engineers
  • Contractor: Midas Construction
  • Design: Stride Treglown Architects
  • Occupier: Import Services

About the Building

This new 6000m2 extension to the 15,000m2 dockside warehouse facility was constructed at the Port of Southampton and is situated on the Southampton Western Docks site, 200m from the water’s edge.

The warehouse is currently operated by port-centric retail logistics company Import Services. The project consisted of an extension to the existing warehouse to meet the current customer’s need for additional space. The design criteria was solely focused on providing additional space in the most cost effective way and with minimal environmental impact.

Associated British Ports (ABP) has a strong environmental policy and focuses on energy and environmental initiatives, and this project afforded the opportunity to incorporate 800kW of roof mounted PV array.

Sustainable construction with BREEAM was a planning permission condition set by Southampton City Council. Since completion, ABP have received very positive feedback from the building users. This has played some part in the tenants request for ABP to build another facility on site. BREEAM has therefore been significant in securing extra business for ABP.


Clive Thomas, Southampton Port Manager said “We are proud of this project because it’s a fantastic example of what we are doing in the Port of Southampton; investing in a sustainable future for the port. This is part of £150m planned investment by ABP in Southampton and its impressive green credentials are exactly in line with a long running programme to minimise our impact on the environment. That’s why we have already invested over £6m in upgrading the rail links to Southampton and why, today, we are proud to say the container terminal that serves this warehouse has the highest percentage of containers handled by rail of any terminal in the UK.”

The contractor went beyond statutory standards and demonstrated support for the surrounding community by minimising impact on the environment. Midas Construction achieved its best ever Considerate Contractor score – an industry leading 44/50.

Approx. 350 roof lights to provide daylight and minimise energy used by artificial lighting and enhance internal environment. Daylight linked controls cut unnecessary use of lighting.

800kW of roof mounted PV cells across both extension and existing building. Energy efficient lights and segregated metering also incorporated.

Secure, covered cycle storage facilities encourage cycling to work. A car share scheme as part of a Travel Plan helps to reduce the number of cars commuting to the site each day.

The extension was built over an existing hard surfaced car park so no special consideration needed for ecological features. It was decided that man-made ecological features (eg planters) difficult to maintain at dockside and therefore not incorporated.

Selection of composite wall and roof panels ensured simple, well-practiced and efficient construction processes which maximised product usage, thereby minimising waste.

Water leak detection system in addition to a site wide water monitoring system. Water shut off valves provided in all WC facilities and restricted flow water outlets included in canteen facilities.

Midas Construction enforced the stringent segregation of waste products to ensure recycling maximised and waste to landfill minimised.

Exemplary credits awarded for minimal waste generation, low impact material specifications and a high score under the Considerate Constructor Scheme.

Paul Strachan, divisional director for Midas Southern, said “Minimising the impact of any new construction on the environment and incorporating energy-efficient measures into the design of a new building continue to be integral factors to our work at Midas, and we were delighted that this substantial warehouse extension has gone so well. Midas Construction has worked hard to reduce any negative impact on the environment, such as by ensuring there was no waste dumped off site, and by ABP’s forward-thinking decision to have solar panels placed on the roof of both the original warehouse and the new extension, which will have highly sustainable benefits for many years to come by helping to generate electricity, and reduce energy usage as a result.”