Lövhagen 32, Sweden

A BREEAM certified nursing home creating a secure and sustainable living environment

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: BREEAM In-Use International 2015
  • Certification Stage: In-use
  • Rating: Part 1: Very good, Part 2: Very good
  • Overall Score:  Part 1: 63.4%, Part 2: 61.1%

Project Team

  • Developer / Client: Hemsö
  • Architect: Olov Gynt, FFNS arkitekter
  • Building Services: Fastighetssnabben
  • Constructor: Bo Lopatko, Contec Byggprojektering AB
  • Assessor Company: Bengt Dahlgren

About the Building

Lövhagen 32 was built as a nursing home in 2001 in the city of Västerås and was purchased by Hemsö in 2008. The building measures 4500 square meters and is home to 80 tenants. The building is located in a socially vulnerable area in Västerås, located about an hour from Stockholm.

Hemsö’s overall goals is to have net-zero carbon dioxide emissions generated from the property portfolio latest at the year 2035 and 3 % more energy effective each year for the property portfolio. The purpose of this is to offer secure and healthy environments for all of the people who use our properties. The building has district heating. The electricity is guarantee-of-origin-labelled water power. For part 1 the building scored maximum points for pollution and waste. For part 2 the building scored high on energy and pollution.

Why did the building undergo BREEAM certification?

Hemsö’s vision is to be the best property company for community services and social infrastructure, thus the decision was made to undergo BREEAM certification.

Hemsö conducted two pilots in 2018, one of which was Lövhagen 32, to investigate whether BREEAM In-use would be a useful internal tool to work with continuous improvement aligned with our sustainability strategy and goals for our entire standing portfolio. Hemsö owns assets in Sweden, Finland and Germany and all locations uses BREEAM In-use. The Salmisaarentalo building in Helsinki is also nominated in the same category.

For part 1 the building scored maximum points for pollution and waste.
For part 2 the building scored high on energy and pollution.

The BIUI have resulted in the following action points on a building level:

  • Replacement of less energy efficient lightning to LED.
  • An energy project will be started during 2020 to reduce energy consumption by an estimated 15-20%.
  • A pre study about the possibility to install solar panels have be conducted. A new underground waste system will be installed in 2020.

The BIUI have resulted in the following actions on a Hemsö management level:

  • Started to use BIUI as a tool for improvement of asset management. We have currently three certificated buildings, 13 ongoing projects and at the end of 2020 we are planning to have about 30 certifications all together.
  •  Started the work on strategies on climate risk analysis and resilience.
  • Started to work strategic with the BIUI action plans.
  • Started to work with analysing the results from BIUI on an international level, comparing the assets in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

Benefits of Assessing to BREEAM

BREEAM In-use helps Hemsö get better knowledge about our building. It helps bring down the costs for electricity, heating and waste management, but most of all the asset management can be carried out in a safer way. All in all, it leads to a better indoor climate and to happier tenants.  -Thomas Cajander, technical asset manager Lövhagen 32.