Business Centre 2000, Vilnius, Lithuania

Business Centre 2000 is a perfect fit in the Vilnius downtown area with its delicate combination of both modern technologies and unique, yet classical, architectural solutions.

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: In Use 2015 International Part: 1
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Certificate Number: BIU00003045-1.0
  • Asset Performance: 59.3% Very Good

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Owner: Vastint Lithuania UAB
  • Assessor Company: Evaldas Savickas, Vesta Consulting UAB
  • Occupiers: The Embassy of the Republic of Hungary, Office of the Canadian Embassy, Office of the Republic of Croatia, Bloomberg, Philip Morris Baltic, Invest Lithuania, BigBank, Deloitte Lietuva, law firm Glimstedt, law firm Sorainen, Zabolis Partners, Euromonitor, Publicum, Loreal Akademy

About the Building


Business Centre 2000 is a multi-functional business centre located in the centre of downtown Vilnius, Lithuania. It was built in September 2000. The developer and owner of the building is Vastint Lithuania UAB, which is a part of the Vastint Group, an international real estate organisation. The total gross area of the building is 19,000 sq m, and leasable area is 13,500 sq m.  BC2000 consists of eight floors with a cosy shopping passage on the ground floor and Class A modern office premises on the remaining seven floors. Foreign embassies and consulates, as well as well-known international and local enterprises, have established their head offices here. In addition, there are two floors of underground parking.

BC2000 is a perfect fit in the Vilnius downtown area with its delicate combination of both modern technologies and unique, yet classical, architectural solutions. It is integrated into an old city site preserving the historical 19th century facades. The ground floor of BC2000 forms a natural passageway between the streets of Vilniaus and Jogailos.

Why did this building undergo BREEAM In-Use Certification?

The client’s goal is to create long term value through property investments, and it is essential that their buildings meet the highest benchmarks of both environmental and commercial value. They believe that using BREEAM in-Use helps them to reach high standards of sustainability and to improve their performance.

“The benefits of a BREEAM In-Use assessment include the increased market value of the building, lower running costs, improved staff productivity.”

Throughout the building, waste is collected and segregated in 5 streams: plastic, glass, paper, organic waste, electronic items.

Performing fit-out and maintenance works in the building, the client aims at using as many locally sourced materials as possible and strives to source the materials from recycled raw staples.

There are daylight lamps installed throughout the building. Glass roof over the atrium lets more natural light into the building. Air conditioning and cooling system provides comfort for the building’s climate.

Water saving devices and fixtures are being installed.


Effective energy use is achieved through more effective devices and LED lightning.


The goals of efficient use of energy and resources, cost savings, engineering improvements and sustainability are better achieved through a well-organized building management system.

The building is located at the very centre of the Vilnius road and public transport network. All the commercial, retail and social amenities are available within walking distance. Bicycle parking lots are available at the underground parking of the building.

Future Plans

bc-web-1Following the BREEAM In-Use assessment, plans are made to improve the policy of sustainable purchasing of materials and ongoing consumables, to install more energy efficient devices, and to continue waste management policy. Steps shall be taken to encourage the building’s occupants to implement efficiency and sustainability practices. This will increase the commercial and social value of the building.

This was the first building in the company’s portfolio assessed by BREEAM In-Use. A further target is that all the new assets of the company should have international certification.