Innovia, Paris

Innovia is a 16,536m2 office building owned by SCI CHINON. It was built in 2009 and has been occupied by SNCF since early 2010.

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: In-Use International 2015 Parts: 2 & 3
  • Location: Paris
  • Size: 16,536m2
  • Certificate Number: BIU00003332-1.0
  • Building Management: 56.3% Very Good
  • Occupier Management: 42.9% Good

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Owner:  SCI CHINON
  • Occupier: SNCF
  • BREEAM In-Use Auditor: Nicolas Beuvaden, Sinteo
  • Maintenance: SPIE

Why did this building undergo BREEAM In-Use Certification?


The asset underwent BREEAM In-Use certification to provide recognition of its positive performance, and to highlight the value of the operations and maintenance carried out onsite. Occupant comfort is the focal point of the maintenance regime in the building. The owner and occupier also believe BREEAM In-Use is a valuable performance index, which can follow the evolution of the building over the years.

The best performing categories under Part 1 (Asset) BREEAM In-Use are Waste, Transport, Health and Well-being. The high score under Waste was due to onsite waste segregation. The urban location and accessibility helped towards a high score under Transport category. For Health and Well-being, the building provides a canteen and several relaxation areas, and an increased access to daylight for all occupants.

In Part 2 (Building Management), Water, Materials Health and Well-being are the top scoring categories. High quality water equipment and the proactive maintenance in place scored highly. Site security is also a key issue, and the premises are protected by onsite security. Well-being of occupiers is monitored through a satisfaction survey, who benefit from regular and thorough building cleaning and checks of the fresh air rates.

“For us Innovia represents a pioneering project using BREEAM In-Use certification” Antoine de Broglie, Chairman of STAM Europe (representing owners SCI CHINON)


Green Strategy and Environmental Features


  • Large windows over all the vertical walls to provide occupiers with access to daylight and pleasant external views
  • A restaurant with a partly glazed roof to improve daylight access
  • A green roof over the restaurant
  • A large conference room to host various events
  • Accessible balconies at every floor of the building giving occupants access to fresh air


“Innovia is a typical building for SNCF. Its certification is part of our company’s sustainable development project. This certification a first for us, with a series to follow” Jean-Marc Roger of SNCF


Future Plans

The owners are considering improving the site’s biodiversity through aninnovia-web-2 ecological survey and possible works in the coming years. Installation of sub-meters is under examination to monitor and reduce water consumption. The occupier (SNCF) is also now considering the possibility of obtaining a Part 3 BREEAM In-Use certificate.

In the shorter term, a number of improvements have already been made to the building’s operation, including, for example, the installation of an electronic noticeboard in the cafeteria. Innovia is the first certified project for both the owner and the occupier, who worked jointly on the project. This is likely to lead to further BREEAM In-Use certification on other projects for the range of stakeholders involved in the building.