Le Hive, Paris


Le Hive is Schneider Electric’s global headquarters and has 1,850 employees working there. Le Hive’s name is an acronym from the French for hall of innovation and energy showcase.

The retrofit of the seven-storey building reflects Schneider Electric’s position as an energy management specialist, incorporating comprehensive energy monitoring, and was carried out largely by the company’s own in-house experts.


  • le-hive-2BREEAM In-Use rating: Asset performance ‘Excellent’, 75%; Building management performance ‘Outstanding’, 88%; Occupier management performance ‘Outstanding,’ 92%
  • BREEAM version: BREEAM In-Use International
  • Building size: 35,000m2

Schneider Electric The Hive 2011 07 20SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SAY:


“BREEAM highlights our showcase of energy efficiency solutions and our sustainability policy, and is a booster for our building solution business. We reduced our energy consumption by 50% and have already reached the French 2020 greenhouse reduction target for buildings. And we have improved employee comfort and productivity. We choose BREEAM because it challenges us to achieve excellence – we want Le Hive to be recognised as a model of sustainability – and for its international recognition in the real estate sector.”


In accordance with Schneider’s business aims and environmental policy, the management at Le Hive is determined to be to be exemplary in terms of respecting the environment and acting as a partner in this in this respect for the company’s clients. This forms an integral part of the operational plan and organisation.

Energy efficiency does not mean that comfort might be compromised. The building offers many services for employees, such as rest lounges, a fitness centre, an electrical car service and family days. The occupant comfort level is monitored, and regular awareness events and surveys involve employees in the continuous improvement of the building’s management.

Steps have been taken to minimise environmental impacts, care for green areas and enhance biodiversity – for example there are ten beehives producing honey on the green roof.

BREEAM in-Use helped to drive a continuous improvement process, and the certificate is an international recognition of excellence. Being a pilot project for the new scheme has provided an opportunity to innovate and be recognised as a major player in sustainable building management.


Energy use for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting have been halved from 150kW/m2/year to 78kW/m2/year in three years through active energy efficiency (without changing the structure of the building and without energy production).


  • building management team focussed on energy efficiency and occupier comfort
  • empowerment and awareness of the occupiers (e-learning, sustainability events, etc)
  • high quality of the building maintenance (facility management)
  • equipment and process security, and safety for the occupier and the building.


  • use of sustainable materials with a minimum of pollutants
  • purchase of sustainable and low consumption services and products.

Schneider Electric The Hive 2011 07 19


  • actions and equipment facilitating low carbon means of travel– electric vehicles, bicycle parking and tracks, car pooling, transport plan, etc.


  • recycling and sorting of 12 kinds of waste (0% to landfill).


  • efficient management of water – rain sensors, real time leak detection, etc.

Health and well-being:

  • services on site such as like fitness facilities, laundry, hair dresser and car wash
  • consultation with occupiers
  • acoustic comfort improvement
  • innovative comfort measurement.


  • greenhouse gas emissions study
  • use of 100% eco-labelled products for cleaning.


  • Closely managed energy consumption with a dedicated manager for energy and the environment, and centralised control and monitoring using innovative tools.

Landscape and ecology:

  • conservation of green areas, improvement of bio-diversity, establishment of beehives on site.


  • Schneider Electric Le Hive Management Team
  • Facility Manager: Dalkia
  • Architect: Jean-Michel Wilmotte
  • Contractor: BNP Paribas & Bouygues Immobilier
  • BREEAM In-Use Auditor: Sinteo