Lighthouse, Moscow


Lighthouse is a 14-storey office building located in one of Moscow’s main business districts. Its construction was completed in early 2012 and by now the building is fully leased out to large international and Russian companies. Among the tenants of the building are McDonalds, Fitch Ratings, Cordiant, KIA Motors, Knight Frank, Hugo Boss, Continental, O1 Properties and O1 Group. The building has 27,499m2 net rentable area and ample parking for over 350 vehicles. It is located directly on the Garden Ring – the main Moscow transportation artery.

Lighthouse was constructed in accordance with state-of-the-industry standards and features ultramodern facades and fittings, contemporary lobby design, breathtaking panoramic views and ample parking facilities. It offers one of the best quality options in the area allowing tenants to enjoy comfortable facilities, rich infrastructure and superb transport accessibility.


As one of the largest owners of office real estate in Moscow, O1 Properties considers the reduction of the harmful impact of the urban environment as one of the company’s priorities. O1 was one of the first in Russia to start implementing the environmental standards in its office centres and certification of buildings under BREEAM became an important step in this direction. Out of a total of 8 Moscow office buildings certified under BREEAM, half belong to O1.


“BREEAM In-Use is a balanced approach to the sustainability assessment of a building, which allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each particular project and develop the best plan for its improvement”


“BREEAM In-Use is certification that provides a strong competitive advantage, as well as a positive signal to the market about the quality of a building’s management system”


BREEAM In-Use Scheme Part 1 (Asset Performance) Part 2 (Building Management)
Score 57.13% 56.55%
Rating Very Good Very Good
Star Rating 4 stars 4 stars



The building achieved 88% of all credits in the Transport section of BREEAM In-Use due to good transport accessibility and facilities for alternative modes of transport. Health and Wellbeing also scored highly, resulting in a score of 72% of all credits, confirming the high quality comfort for building users. Other sections, which scored well include land use and biodiversity, reduction of pollution, use of water saving fixtures and selection of materials on the basis of a whole-life approach..


  • Good transport accessibility and proximity to amenities
  • Construction on a former manufacturing site
  • Diverse landscape with variety of local species, which requires less water for irrigation and sets a new standard for landscape design in Moscow
  • Design and management of the building for the comfort of users – including a large community space within the building (atrium), amenities, healthy indoor environment (air quality, daylight access), stunning views out from the building and to the atrium, high health and safety standards (fire safety training, security and alarm systems)
  • Management focusing on rational use of resources and protection of environment
  • All necessary information about the building is provided in the form of a building user guide. Tenant fit-outs is managed through fit-out standards, which have with increased requirement for environmental performance
  • Energy efficient lighting and controls
  • Water saving fixtures


In Autumn 2013 the building achieved a ‘Pass’ rating under BREEAM International New Construction and the managers of the building and its investors were inspired to continue this success and introduce best-in-class practice for the environmental management of the building. New features and ideas were introduced into the building as a result, including cycle racks, solenoid valves, a waste management strategy, water metering and leak detection. This helped to achieve a higher score under BREEAM In-Use for existing buildings.

Other features, like public notice boards, site biodiversity management, sustainable management policies were introduced during post-construction stage and were intended to further improve building management rating. The team expects continuous reduction of the running cost and increase of the building’s market value and premium rental rates. O1 Properties maintains a portfolio of prime assets in Moscow, which all are subject of BREEAM certification. Out of 8 Moscow office buildings that were certified by BREEAM in accordance with ecological effectiveness standards, 4 belong to O1 Properties. New projects developed by O1 Properties are being planned and constructed in accordance with these high standards.