Microgaming Office, UK

Committing to a greener future: Microgaming builds eco-friendly HQ

Project Details

  • Building Type: Office
  • Scheme: BREEAM New Construction 2014
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Score: 71.3%
  • Stage: Final


Project Team

  • Project Manager: Thyme Limited
  • Assessor Company: Ensphere Group Ltd
  • Architect: Savage and Chadwick Architects Ltd
  • Building Services: March Consulting
  • Principal Contractor: Auldyn Construction Ltd

Why did this building undergo BREEAM Certification?

Microgaming chose to undergo BREEAM certification for their new building in order to develop and establish a more sustainable environment, and help build a greener future.

The purpose of BREEAM certification was to help guide Microgaming as they wanted to consider the impact of their new building on urban infrastructure.

Green Strategy and Environmental Features

Microgaming is committed to taking action towards achieving a low carbon economy.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the project was the location of Microgaming on the Isle of Man, making the transit of people and goods by air or sea necessary at times. However, the combination of ISO14001 and BREEAM have provided the methodology to develop and manage their impact on the environment.

Management (95%)

  • Building User Guide
  • Aftercare support- training records
  • Post-occupancy evaluation
  • Life cycle – thermographic survey and airtightness testing reports

Land Use and Ecology (90%)

  • The office has a landscape and habitat management plan that includes two insect boxes, two bird boxes and a greenery on the roof.

Transport (89%)

Implementation of a travel plan to ensure a growing workforce doesn’t affect its carbon footprint-

  • Charging stations for electric bikes and shower facilities for staff
  • Charging points are available for staff with electric cars
  • Working with the Isle of Man Government on an e-bikes initiative.
  • Offering staff annual bus passes once they have worked with Microgaming for 6 months

Waste (78%)

A number of waste management solutions have been implemented, including;

  • Smart bins to segregate waste
  • Confidential waste is measured and managed
  • Educating staff on how to sort waste

Water (78%)

  • A leak detection system and flow control device have been implemented to control water consumption,  which is metered at a building level and includes sub meters.
  • A low temperature hot water (LTHW) heating system is fitted with a twin motor circulation pump that operates as a duty/standby control module.

Materials (62%)

  • Reduced the amount of plastic used by choosing environmental FSC certified products such as stationery items, biodegradable TA packaging and cleaning materials.

Energy (61%)

  • Energy usage is monitored through separate energy sub-meters that measure the amount of end use energy consumed for space, heating, hot water, humidification, cooling, fans, lighting, small power, pumps, renewables, controls and more.


Health and Wellbeing (47%)

Health and Wellbeing strategies implemented include;

  • State of the art gym
  • Treatment room for massages and flu vaccinations
  • In-house coffee shop
  • Air quality plan, including HVAC system to maintain a comfortable room temperature

Solution and Benefits

We wanted to make sure that (where possible) our building would work to help protect the planet rather than contribute to its downfall. BREEAM’s benchmarks helped us keep the environment in mind when we were making decisions on how the building would not only function, but how when the building was completed we could continue to work towards staying environmentally friendly.

Gaining knowledge from BREEAM helped us to work with local contractors and suppliers even now after opening over two years ago and still influences decisions that go into the day to day running of facilities. Moreover, BREEAM has enabled us to set energy and waste targets so we can keep improving our output, with our aim being to influence and reduce our carbon footprint as a business for years to come.


What was achieved as a result of the BREEAM process?

As a result of the BREEAM process and in proactively targeting areas for energy reduction, reduction of waste and carbon footprint, we have begun measuring waste streams, transport, office supplies, maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, we have created a team to enhance education around our environmental initiative and to empower others across the business to improve environmental management. The team is made up of environmentally conscious staff volunteers who have helped with communication and encouragement of our eco-led initiatives across the business, including proactive knowledge sharing of appropriate recycling practices in the canteen and around the building. This has led to better awareness and collective ownership of eco activities among staff and enhanced staff inclusion with regards to our goal towards a greener future.