Noblis Business House, Poland

Reaching the Excellent level increased the market value of the building and thus the interest in the investment

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: 2009 Europe Commercial: Offices
  • Stage: Final
  • Location: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Score & Rating: 72.1% Excellent
  • Certificate Number: BREEAM-0070-5905

Project Team

  • Client: Nobilis-Projekt Echo-117 Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
  • Assessor Company: Sweco Consulting sp. z o.o.
  • Developer: Echo Investment S.A.
  • Project manager: Marek Chmielewski
  • Architect: DDJM Biuro Architektoniczne Sp. z o.o

Excellent result for timeless Nobilis building

Nobilis office building was designed on a hard landscaped plot that was used as a temporary parking lot. One of the basic guidelines for the project was to create a simple and representative office building respecting the character and scale of the surrounding buildings. Nobilis Business House through a modern form and carefully developed detail enrich the city centre by introducing new values into it. Meeting the highest technical standards and flexible arrangement Nobilis provides comfort to all individuals working within.

“Nobilis perfectly combines modern yet timeless architecture. But it would not be attractive for investors and tenants without its care for the local environment. We wanted to use a transparent and internationally recognised scheme as a guide to our sustainability goals”. Katarzyna Murdoch, Echo



Green Strategy

The goal for Echo Investment was to create office building friendly to the natural environment and meeting the needs of future users. In addition, it was important for us that the investment would not affect the neighbourhood negatively. Designing and building our office building in accordance with the BREEAM criteria perfectly helps in achieving these targets. As an example, external spaces was apart from pedestrian and cycle-friendly areas were filled with greenery including natural biologically active areas, inner courtyards, outdoor green areas along M. Skłodowskiej – Curie street, terraces and green roofs.

“In the business marathon, apart from design and innovations that improve the functioning of office buildings, equally important are the facilities designed in harmony with the environment. Listening to the needs of our customers, we respond with interesting and functional solutions, but as a responsible develope,r we want to do it respecting the needs of the nature that surrounds us. Environment-friendly design and construction is at the top of the standards we are introducing in our projects. Only this way you can create a place that is vibrant, integrating, sustainable and encouraging to work.” Katarzyna Kubicka, Regional Director, Echo Investment S.A.


Why choose BREEAM?

Choosing BREEAM gives the assurance that the building becomes ecologically valuable, create comfortable working conditions, gives great opportunities for saving energy and water. Certifying a building in BREEAM by an independent third party is the best way to confirm that the investment is friendly to the environment and the building users.

“The quality of this building is expressed in categories like Management, Transport, Energy and Health and wellbeing where Nobilis got most of the Breeam credits. We used sustainable management practices throughout the process of design and construction and took great care to design a healthy and safe internal environment for our occupants. We were able to reduce the energy efficiency by 45 % compared with the National standards which along with great location, accessibility to a wide range of public transport, amenities and cyclist facilities is minimising overall carbon emissions from building processes and transport.” Katarzyna Murdoch, Breeam Assessor and Breeam AP, Echo Investment S.A.

Energy-efficient lighting and elevators means saving money and protecting the environment. Accessible sub-meters cover the energy supply to each system and they are connected to the BMS system.

Large, glazed windows ensure optimal access of daylight, while blinds in a convenient way allow user to adjust the intensity of light to the workstation. Acoustic and thermal comfort has been achieved and tested. In order to ensure the quality of the indoor air, internal finishes and fittings with low emissions of volatile organic compounds were chosen

Investment area was recognized as a site of low ecological value and build on a previously-developed land. The creation of the investment contributed to the increase of the biodiversity of the land by native plant species.

The construction site met the requirements of a safe and friendly work environment reducing energy, water and transport and pollution impact resulting from construction processes. LCC analysis was undertaken to choose the lowest energy consumption and reduction of maintenance frequency for the envelope and finishes.

On-site oil and petrol separators were used to minimise pollution to watercourses. Noise tests were conducted to ensure the development does not affect nearby sensitive buildings.

The building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Reagan roundabout which is organized as the communication hub with plenty of bus and tram stops. Cyclists have the option to use cycling paths in the area and many facilities provided in the building, such as cycle racks, changing rooms or drying space.

The Main Contractor was obligated to implement Site Waste Management Plan on the construction site maximising the amount of recyclable waste streams

Consumption of water was significantly reduced by choosing low water use fittings. Leak detection systems in place to reduce the impact of major and minor water leaks. Irrigation of greenery is carried out through water saving drip lines.

The whole process of creating the building focused on the material of legal origin and with low environmental impact. Adequate protection of exposed parts of the building and landscape was designed, therefore minimising the frequency of use of replacement materials.