Organic Building ERGODOM (Office Unit), Kazakhstan

The BREEAM In-Use certification defines the direction for further development and creates the prerequisites for improving the characteristics of the Asset.

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: In-Use International 2015 Part: 1
  • Location: Location
  • Size:
  • Certificate Number: BIU00002978-1.0
  • Asset Performance: 72.8% Excellent

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Client: Kadyrbekov Takhirzhan Bakhtiyarovich
  • Assessor: E.E.S. CONSULT Natalia Naumova

About the Asset

The idea of construction a sustainable building came to us in 2006. Then we did not know what a sustainable building is, its parameters, how we will build from what materials. We simply knew the problem that was in the world, including Kazakhstan. This problem was – pollution of the environment and in 2009, we came to the conclusion that we are ready, ready for construction. The Asset incorporates the passive house technology implying maximum use of solar energy for heating with minimal heat losses that has been achieved through use of organic materials reed, clay, sand, lime and wood.


Why did this building undergo BREEAM In-Use Certification?

The choice of BREEAM In-Use as an assessment methodology is obvious to us. It is recognizable, popular, unbiased, inexpensive and easy to use. And as it was stated above, this standard defines the direction for further development and allows to continuously improve the quality of the Asset throughout its operational life.

“The benefit of using BREEAM is getting an internationally recognized and indisputable proof of the high quality of the Asset. The BREEAM In-Use certification defines the direction for further development and creates the prerequisites for improving the characteristics of the Asset.”
Mr. T. Kadyrbekov.

Green Strategy and Environmental Features

The building where the certified office unit is located was originally designed and built according to the principles of sustainable development. Over time, it became necessary to assess the characteristics of the Asset for compliance with the best practice, as well as optimize its operational parameters and improve its performance to increase the employees’ satisfaction with the building, reduce its negative impact on the environment while reducing the consumption of natural resources, primarily water.

“We in our office have chosen to care about the environment. Therefore, in our office there are no disposable plastic dishes, plastic bins and chemical cleaning products. For personal hygiene, cotton napkins are used, to maintain cleanliness of the premises, natural solutions made from soap and vinegar are used for cleaning.
Together, we can make a difference not only for our own health, but also for the good of the environment and our entire, so heavily polluted Planet.” – Mr. Takhirzhan Kadyrbekov, Director at ErgoDom LLP.

Due to the good thermal characteristics of the building envelope and wooden windows that provide air microcirculation in the rooms, the need to use an air conditioning system and the mechanical air exchange is eliminated. The actual consumption of heat energy in the building is 39 kWh/sq m, which corresponds to the energy efficiency class A ++ according to the national evaluation methodology. In addition, the building uses LED light sources.

Despite the absence of an air conditioning system in the building, the Asset provides comfortable conditions of the indoor environment due to the thermal characteristics of the building envelope made of organic materials. Each room has opening windows, temperature regulators on radiators, window blinds that prevent unwanted access of sunlight, as well as artificial lighting that meets the requirements of national standards. The use of natural finishing materials in the offices and recreation zone has a positive effect on the health and well-being of employees.

The building does not use refrigerants, and the used thermal energy generator – the gas boiler – is characterized by low NOx emissions. On the territory of the Asset, there are solutions provided to reduce the amount of surface water runoff through the use of water-permeable surfaces, a network of ditches and a rainwater reservoir.

The building is characterized by excellent transport accessibility and there are numerous social welfare facilities near it. On the territory of the Asset, there are parking spaces for bicycles, and the building itself has special facilities for cyclists – showers, changing facilities, a room for drying clothes.

The separate collection of solid waste is carried out in the building. On the site, there is a space for segregation and storing waste by type – plastic, metal, glass and paper.

The building meets safety requirements that was confirmed by a third-party qualified organization and is under constant monitoring. At the initiative of the Managing Company, an action plan was developed to protect the Asset in case of a natural hazards. In addition, there are solutions in the building and on the territory that prevent the degradation of materials and building structures during operation.

Installed showers, flush toilet systems, and major household appliances are characterized by low water consumption. The Asset has a unique irrigation system for Europe which was used in Central Asian countries for centuries. It is based on the use of an aryk network (irrigating ditch network) that covers the entire territory of the site and collects rainwater. And the earthenware jars buried in the ground are an ancient analog of a modern subsoil drip irrigation system.