Skraja Business Centre

“BREEAM In-Use allowed us to get credit for sustainability features already on-site and align future improvements with green building criteria”

Key Facts

Client: Skraja Business Centre
Assessor: Rasita Masalskyte – JSC Pastatu sertifikatai
About: Two Assets located on one Site

Certificate: BIU00002772-1.0
BREEAM In-Use International 2015 Part 1 Asset Performance
Score 50.4%
Rating Good
Star Rating 3 Stars
Certificate: BIU00002780-1.0
BREEAM In-Use International 2015 Part 1 Asset Performance
Score 49.1%
Rating Good
Star Rating 3 Stars

Skraja: From an old industrial site to a contemporary Business Centre

Skraja Business Centre’s buildings were built in stages, from 1970s to 1980s (with renovations & upgrades later), so it was quite a challenge to collect all the necessary information for BREEAM audit. Some of it was retrieved from owner’s archive, some had to be newly made, based on actual situation in the buildings. Therefore, in addition to BREEAM In-Use audit, we also did a thorough inventory of current engineering equipment, collected manufacturer specifications or took measurements on site where those were not available.
This extra effort resulted in a compiled information file that includes detail information about the building and demonstrates how it corresponds with BREEAM requirements. It also includes a strategy for improvements that will help to achieve an even higher BREEAM score in the future.


Being a “B-league player”, we still wanted to access our building according to the world’s most famous green building standard and incorporate sustainability requirements into Skraja Business Centre’s operation and maintenance.

Environmental Categories

CO and NOx monitors monitor and control HVAC efficiently. VOCs minimised, internal acoustics monitored, deep cleaning protects human hygiene. Lighting optimised for comfort.

Building glazing percentage guarantees enough daylight without causing excessive energy loss through windows. There are glare control features are installed in all workplaces & Plenty of rest areas are available for building occupants in the building and within short walking distance.


The asset is location in zero flood risk area; there is no risk of natural disasters in asset’s location either


Great access to public transport and amenities within short walking distance


4 waste streams of recyclables are separated on site (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic) and 1 hazardous waste stream – batteries.

Complete remediation of the previously polluted site and re-use of over 75% of previously contaminated land. A net gain in ecological biodiversity achieved by implementing an Ecology Strategy and Landscape & Ecological Management Plan.

Traditional planting around the building – trees, turf, planters with living plants



Building condition survey is conducted on annual basis; feedback is addressed immediately
Security guard on-site 24/7; fire safety and alarm system is checked on regular basis by a competent third party advisor;Flexible design and sufficient capacity of engineering systems allows the building to meet changing demands in use and functionality.