Ulonu Office Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

Ulonu office centre is a seven-floor, 7000 sq.m., modern technology and engineering system equipped office centre located in Northern part of the Vilnius city.

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: In-Use International 2015 Part: 1
  • Location: Vilnus, Lithuania
  • Certificate Number: BIU00002297-1.0
  • Asset Performance: 57.2% Very Good

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Building Owner: UAB Verkiu projektas
  • Building Manager: EfTEN Capital Lietuva / Newsec Property Management


About the Project

Ulonu office centre is a seven-floor, 7000 sq.m., modern technology and engineering system equipped office centre located in Northern part of the Vilnius city. It is a geographically and strategically convenient location – close to downtown, city’s main commercial or shopping areas and at the same time in a peaceful area which creates good conditions for working and concentration. The building is easily accessible by car or public transport from any part of the city and is equipped with engineering systems providing convenience and comfort for the building users.

Why did this building undergo BREEAM Certification?

“For us it was easy to apply BREEAM scheme to an existing building and to evaluate building how sustainable it is. Also, we found out how to improve the conditions and performance of the building for it to become more sustainable. This scheme also allowed us to fulfil our duty to save expenses on building operation and to increase satisfaction of occupants.

BREEAM in-Use certification helped us to create a higher value of the building and take into account and realise the needs of the tenants effectively. Using BREEAM in-Use certification scheme helped us to achieve higher standards of sustainability.”

Laurynas Zilys (Country Manager Lithuania/Eften)

This was the first BREEAM “Very good” rating for EfTEN/UAB Verkiu projektas and effectively guided the decisions and solutions towards sustainability and responsibility for the people and the environment.  As a result of using BREEAM they increased building value, increased comfort and satisfaction of Occupants and had a reduction in utility use. 

The asset has been certified against local energy performance standard and its energy efficiency class is B. The building is equipped with modern HVAC system which is controlled via modern management system. The management system operates by adapting to internal and external parameters such as number of occupants and climatic conditions.

Building occupants are provided with sufficient daylight and glare control features in all work spaces. There is a provision for thermal and ventilation control in majority of the working spaces. Building occupants have a possibility to take tea/coffee breaks in cosy kitchenettes or rest spaces, canteen facilities are also provided in a building.

There are traditional planted areas, such as planting around car parking and planting around the asset.

Light liquid separator is installed for vehicular area in underground parking lot, grease separator is installed within kitchen facilities – that’s the building reducing the risk of polluting natural watercourse.

The building is easily accessible by public transport from any part of the city. It also provides cycle storage spaces for building occupants.

Paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass are collected in the waste collection site close to the asset. Recyclables separation on site allows to recycle waste and to reduce waste being sent to landfill.

Water consumption is metered at building’s level and there are submeters for every tenant. An automated leak detection system is installed to detect higher than normal flow rates at a separate flow meter to reduce the impact of water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.
The building is also fitted with efficient water fixtures that save potable water such as double-low-flush WCs and dishwashers.

Condition survey was conducted for the following elements and systems: structural elements, site and its elements, electrical components, heating and hot water systems, water supply and sewage system, HVAC system, fire protection system, fire alarm system, video surveillance cameras and record keeping system.
The building is well secured with intruder and fire alarm systems. The asset contains features that protect exposed elements of the building and landscaping from damage. The building can be easily adapted for future demands.