Emerald Palace, Suzhou, China

Ecological living in a landmark residential space

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: International New Construction Residential 2016
  • Stage: Interim
  • Location: Suzhou, China
  • Score & Rating: 57.2% Very Good
  • Certificate Number: BREEAM-0066-9721

Project Team

  • Client: Suzhou Evergrande Real Estate Development
  • Assessor: Shenzhen Nottingham Sustainable Development Institute Ltd
  • Contractor: Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group
  • Architect: Jiangsu Zhuyuan Architecture Design

Emerald Palace is a high-end refined residential building in Suzhou, China

Emerald Palace’s priority is to promote health and well-being for occupants, over the life-cycle of the development, encompassing air quality, temperature, humidity, sound, lighting, water cleanliness and more. The use of BREEAM by developers Evergrande provided an opportunity to focus on the awareness of sustainability during the design stage, help increase the development’s value and return on investment. The project team was committed and involved at an early stage, with the comfort of occupiers and high international reputation as main drivers.

Enhanced accessibility for wheelchair users. Barrier-free parking spaces situated near elevators and accessible toilets are included in public washrooms.

Acoustic insulating materials and soundproofing measures provide a comfortable indoor environment. Energy efficient lights for long-life and anti-glare. Fluorescent lights use electronic ballast.

Energy efficient lighting in all resi and public areas. Energy-saving elevator together with metering on each floor and for large power consuming facilities (except power monitoring system). Solar hot water on floors 1-7.

Pedestrian and vehicle access separated for safe, efficient travel. Public amenities include a bank, restaurant, sports facilities and a schools, all support community living and reducing the need to travel.

Enhanced ecology and biodiversity on the site and surrounding areas. The project aims to create different atmospheres for four seasons, create high-end lifestyle and build an ecological living environment.

Wear-resisting floor tiles and surfaces enhance the durability in high-density transportation zones.

Rainwater recycling and hoppers on the roof. Rainwater discharged via gravity and recycled for greening, irrigation and surface flushing of the underground garage. Water-saving appliances throughout the building.

Refrigerants with ODP of 0 used in all cooling equipment. Rainwater catchment ensures no discharge from the site.

Waste storage spaces and recycling bins in both external and internal areas create a good working environment for the building oc