Granby Kopstad Hus 6


The building is part of Gränby Centrum, a major shopping mall owned and developed by Atrium Ljungberg, one of Sweden’s largest property companies, in the town of Gränby in the Uppsala region of Sweden. The 940 m2 building consists of three new restaurants, which are contributing to the creation of a unified and attractive retail area that will become part of a larger development which includes housing.


  • BREEAM version: BREEAM SE v 1.0 Retail
  • Stage: Post-Construction
  • BREEAM rating: Very Good
  • Score: 55.9%


As a long-term owner, Atrium Ljungberg focusses on sustainable urban development and sustainable resource utilisation. The company has had all its major new-builds certificated to BREEAM since 2011.

Emma Henriksson, Head of Sustainability at Atrium Ljungberg says: “Certificating means that we can ensure that several environmental aspects are observed from energy and materials to ecology and health. Our tenants can feel proud and comfortable with the sustainability performance of the building.”


  • Promotion of sustainable travel – negotiations between the building owner and city authorities have resulted in a bus line and bike lanes to the retail park to promote ways of travelling other than by car. A travel plan was also developed to find further ways of promoting more sustainable means of travel.
  • Encouraging sustainable practices among tenants – through sub-metering of energy and water, individual waste statistics and individual billing.
  • Land use and ecology – This issue was considered for the whole retail park. For example, the sound barrier between the development and the motorway has been planted with wildflowers to promote insects habitats. Other planting across the site has also been selected to enhance ecology value, and the building has a green roof.
  • Health and wellbeing – enhanced through excellent daylight, high quality artificial lighting and low radon levels.
  • Energy – the building is connected to the Uppsala district heating net. Heating is supplied through ventilation combined with room units and door units. Cooling is supplied via chillers in a local cooling station for the whole retail park. The ventilation is 100% outdoor air with heat recovery.
  • Waste – the retail park has excellent waste facilities to promote recycling. During construction, 85% of the construction waste was recycled.
  • Water – water saving taps and toilets.


  • Building owner: Atrium Ljungberg
  • BREEAM Assessor & AP: Piacon AB
  • Architect: Sweco Architects AB
  • Structural Engineer: Konkret
  • Building Services: Ramböll and ÅF
  • Commissioner: ÅF
  • Ecologist: Ekologigruppen


A spokesperson for Atrium Ljungberg says: “Certifying the properties means we can ensure that several environmental aspects are observed. BREEAM addresses several different aspects such as energy and water consumption, health, transport, materials, waste, land usage, emissions, ecology and management. BREEAM is an international certification and entails a third party reviewing the process and final result.”