The Oaks Mall, USA

The Oaks Mall - The First BREEAM USA Certification

Project Details

  • BREEAM USA In-Use: In-Use 2016 Parts: 1 & 2
  • Location: California, USA
  • Certificate Number: BIU00001308-1.1
  • Asset Performance: 56.2% Very Good
  • Building Management: 45.6% Good

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Owner: Macerich
  • Management Team: RealFoundations
  • Assessor Organization: Healthy Buildings Inc.

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“Macerich is a proven industry leader in sustainability, not only when it comes to new buildings, but also in terms of how we update, modernize and operate our well-placed established retail properties in top markets. Measuring existing projects against strong environmental standards, such as BREEAM, confirms our integrated sustainability efforts are delivering results at the highest levels.” Jeff Bedell, VP, Sustainability, Macerich

The Project

Located in Thousand Oaks, California, The Oaks is a 1.3 million square foot shopping mall chosen by Macerich to be the first to undertake the BREEAM In-Use program. The Oaks was originally built in 1978 with renovations completed in 1993 and again in 2007. Macerich chose to pilot the BREEAM In-Use program on The Oaks because the efficiency upgrades in place are representative of others across its portfolio and the proximity to its corporate office would allow significant interaction between Healthy Buildings, RealFoundations and Macerich teams.
• In 2014, 6,000 solar panels were installed producing 1,652 kW of power
• New LED lighting with control protocols in use to minimize energy consumption and lower carbon footprint without any impact on shopping experience
• Upgraded HVAC system that minimizes energy usage
• More than 500 tons of mixed recycled materials every year
• Integrated thermal controls in common areas and mall offices regulated to save energy and still provide a comfortable working environment

“We at Healthy Buildings are delighted to support Macerich and BREEAM USA as they pioneer a practical and cost-effective sustainability program in the USA. It is often said that the leaders have to be first or best, or both. Between BREEAM and Macerich we have a powerful combination of experience and innovation. Our team looks forward to working with both organizations in the months and years to come.” Simon Turner, CEO, Healthy Buildings

Macerich, a leading owner, operator and developer of major retail real estate, earned the #1 GRESB ranking in the North America Retail Sector in 2016 for the second consecutive year. As a market leader, Macerich is committed to doing more to reduce energy, waste and water in its properties. As such, Macerich aspires to certify its malls with a green building rating and enrolled The Oaks as one of the first assets registered with BREEAM USA.

Macerich Corporate Sustainability Facts:
• 72 energy efficient projects save 30 million KWhs of energy annually, and 205 million kWhs since 2008
• Solar installations across 10 properties providing over 10MW of grid relief
• 350,730 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions reduced in the past 6 years
• 17,000 tons of waste recycled in 2015 (31% of total waste)
• 98.3 million gallons of water saved in 2015

“In partnership with Macerich, RealFoundations completed an evaluation of BREEAM USA assessment methodology as the framework for Macerich to achieve sustainable performance through operational efficiency across their portfolio. BREEAM is the clear market leader with its dynamic real time scoring platform, continuous tracking of improved performance at the asset level and across the portfolio. BREEAM In-Use methodology proved without a doubt the right tool for Macerich to embed as they expand their corporate program.” John Seaton, Director, RealFoundations 

The Oaks: Key BREEAM In-Use Facts

  • 100% LED lighting
  • 20% of the building’s energy consumption comes from solar panels on the roof.
  • The Oaks is well connected to the public transport network, providing customers with a range of sustainable transport alternatives.
  • The Oaks has particularly water efficient fittings, including waterless urinals, low flow taps and appliances.

Why certify with BREEAM USA In-Use?

The BREEAM USA In-Use standard for existing buildings fits with Macerich’s “Innovating to Zero” approach to sustainability, with a long-term goal to generate zero energy, waste and near zero emissions in addition to zero water, waste and zero landfill impact within its portfolio of over 50 shopping malls.

While other US-based assessment tools do not offer in place shopping center ratings, the BREEAM In-Use program was robust and flexible enough to fit The Oaks’ parameters while also providing Macerich with immediate operational efficiencies that fully support its corporate goals. The BREEAM In-Use rating will help Macerich monitor and improve operating efficiency to maintain and improve its GRESB score for the North American retail sector and provide benchmarking across its whole portfolio in real time.