Westfield Chodov, Czech Republic

The first Shopping Centre in Europe that achieved a double ‘Outstanding’ rating for asset and building management

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: BREEAM In-Use International: 2015
  • Certification Stage: Certified
  • Rating:
  •  Asset Performance: Outstanding
  • Building Management: Outstanding
  • Overall Score:
  •  Asset Performance: 86.4%
  • Building Management: 94.0%

Team Details

  • Developer / Client: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
  • Architects:
    • BENOY (conceptual architect)
    • Saguez & Partners (interior design)
    • OBERMEYER HELIKA a.s. (executive architect)
  • Building Services: PM Group (construction management)
  • Constructors:
    • 2005-SKANSKA a.s.
    • 2017-Gemo, Subterra, Ekomont
      K+B, PBW
  • Assessor Company: Bopro nv
  • Acoustic, Ecologist: Ekola Group, spol. s r.o.

About the Building

The Shopping Centre Chodov was built in 2005 in Prague. In 2017 it was largely extended. Counting now 300 shops and more than 102.566 m², it’s one of the biggest shopping centres in Czech Republic. Both international brands and exclusive trades are hosted in this unique environment. Events related to world culture, fashion and sports also take place in this Centre.

In 2012, Centrum Chodov received its first ‘BREEAM In-Use’ certificates for part I 64,24% (Very Good) and for part II 71,46% (Excellent). Though the corporate objective was reached, the local shopping management still wanted to improve the score after the end of the three years certification. In line with the ‘BREEAM In-Use’ philosophy a whole series of small investments and operations have been carried-out and upgraded in order to improve the overall sustainable performances of the shopping centre.

This has led to the second ‘BREEAM In-Use’ certificates for part I and Part II both with the six star rating of ‘Outstanding’ under BREEAM In-Use international 2015 as the first commercial Centre in the world. In the same year the building was nominated for a BREEAM In-Use award. This success declares, that the asset is built with considerate use of technologies, energy and water saving fittings (solar panels for water heating, replacement of lighting, drainage water use) and materials, enhancing ecological features but also healthy and wellbeing internal environment.

Due to the extension part, which has achieved the level Excellent in the New Construction scheme (12/2018), this project was challenging for BREEAM In-Use re-certification in the same year.

Key facts:

  • 2005: Built/ Open
  • 2008: Unibail Rodamco has set the sustainability policy
  • 2012: 1st BIU Certificate:
    • part I: 64,24%(Very Good) and part II: 71,46%(Excellent)
  • 2015: BIU re-certification:
    • part I: 85.8%(Outstanding) and part II: 91.1%(Outstanding)
  • 2017: Significant extension
  • 2018: BREEAM New Construction 2013 (Extension part) –  71.9% (Excellent)
  • 2018: BIU re-certification: part I: 86.4%(Outstanding) and part II: 94.0%(Outstanding)
  • 2019: BIU certificate renewal

Why did the building undergo BREEAM certification?

As early as 2007, Unibail-Rodamco devised an ambitious CSR strategy based on environmental best practices, social fairness and transparent governance. These commitments soon became an integral part of the operating, development and investment activities of the Group and its teams, enabling Unibail-Rodamco to obtain the best scores on the market.
In 2016, Unibail-Rodamco decided to accelerate its CSR strategy by setting a new long-term ambition, “Better Places 2030”, to address the main challenges facing real estate:
1.Moving toward a low-carbon economy, in line with the COP 21 commitments;
2.Anticipating new modes of sustainable mobility;
3.Fully integrating the Group’s business activities in the regions, in partnership with the local communities.

BREEAM is one of the tools that contributes to achieve the targets mentioned above, so the strategy of the certification has been integrated in the corporate policy.
Besides, the Group has achieved an unrivalled certification level for its portfolio, with 51 shopping centres BREEAM In-Use certified in Europe. Based on the highest score, shopping centre Chodov is in the top 5 of all retail centres in Europe.


There are good transport links to the building as it is in close proximity to a bus station and the metro line. It is easily accessible by bike and car. Furthermore, there are spaces for electric car charging.

As part of its pioneering commitment to reducing carbon footprint by 35% between 2015 and 2030, the Group is focusing on the materials used in its development projects. Specifically, it involves: Adopting a “lean material construction” approach right from the design phase

  •  Using new solutions and optimised low-carbon materials
  • Adopting a purchasing policy which includes criteria for the carbon content of products and construction materials
  • In 2017 a policy was developed that ensured that where possible materials and infrastructure are reused and materials with low environmental impact  are favored.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s waste management approach is designed to maximise recycling and minimise disposal to landfill. In Chodov and all existing assets, tenants are regularly informed and made aware of local on-site waste management policies and processes. Both supplier purchasing contracts and tenant “green leases” establish the minimum requirements to be met for waste-sorting and recycling. In 2018, 1805.35 tonnes of waste was collected, 100% of the waste managed was valued (Around 25% recycled and 75% valued via incineration and landfill with energy recovery).

Reducing water consumption is an operational target on sites and continues to be closely tracked and managed. Based on environmental best practice, the Group is taking active steps to limit water consumption, reduce waste and maintain water quality. The Group also put emphasis on close cooperation with tenants to reduce water consumption. “Green leases” and tenants sustainability committees are used to help raise awareness and assist with water management.Special efforts were made to optimise operating practices, and ensure that leaks are detected and repaired rapidly. Run-off water collected from car parks is treated before being disposed of through municipal networks. Closed-circuit systems are being favoured to reuse water during the testing of sprinkler equipment. Thanks to the installation of the system to use ground water for toilet flushing, the reduction of water consumption has totaled 13,200 m3/year.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield works hard to ensure that its assets welcome and are accessible to all members of the community. Special provisions are made for customers with disabilities, as well as for elderly customers and families.The social value of the building Chodov is very high. A unique shopping experience is created through a welcoming atmosphere, quality management and a variety of services such as valet parking and family friendly areas. The wellbeing of users is also enhanced by natural daylight provision thanks to skylights and indoor air quality management.

Westfields Chodov was the first Shopping Centre in Europe that achieved a double ‘Outstanding’ rating for asset and building management (according to BREEAM In-Use 2015) and it is the first in the Group’s owned and managed portfolio. This is why the  management team puts in maximum effort to lower the energy/water consumption of the building and maintain infrastructure and materials to prolong the durability and sustainability of the building.

Part of the energy consumed in the business centre comes from renewable sources. Westfield Chodov holds the Green Light certificate from the European Commission for the introduction of energy-saving lighting solutions.Solar energy is used to heat water used throughout the building.The elevators have regenerative drives and escalators operate in power saving modes. The Group target is to achieve 30% energy savings by 2030.

In 2012, Chodov was the first shopping centre in the Czech Republic to breed honey bees to highlight their importance to the ecosystem. Green roofs, and greenery areas are implemented as much as possible and properly maintained. Environmental awareness of visitors and tenants, is provided by the environmental information corners on different locations in the mall (mainly around entrances) and by interactive education areas for children.

Green Strategy

As the Chodov shopping centre extension has been certified under the “New Construction Scheme” with the result of Excellent, it was a challenge for BREEA In-Use to keep the Outstanding performance. Thanks to the early engagement of BREEAM professionals (Bopro), with who Unibail-Rodamco has actively consulted all the construction and management steps, the target to keep such a high score has been achieved.

The BREEAM certification helps to achieve the environmental objectives because it gives a clear and objective canvas that Unibail-Rodamco translated in its sustainable management policies and procedures. BREEAM In-Use is not seen as an additional cost or bureaucratic constraint, it is part of the Group’s culture and management to improve the performance of their standings assets on a daily basis.

The BREEAM approach allows Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield to integrate and stimulate the tenants and maintenance suppliers to be sure that each technical device (lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling etc.) in the building will be properly maintained and operated 365 days per year.

Benefits of achieving BREEAM Certification

By doing a ‘BREEAM In-Use’ assessment the local management got to know the building better, so it has no secrets any more. They discover its good performances as well as the features that can be improved over time. It is possible to determine a relevant and detailed action plan, with a specific budget and timing, in order to improve the buildings performances step by step but with a long term vision.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, the leading listed real estate company in Europe, has been a pioneer in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. For more than ten years now, CSR (including BREEAM ideology) has been at the very heart of the Group’s strategy. It is a vehicle for progress for the hundreds of millions of visitors its shopping centres welcome every year. It is also a factor of competitiveness for the retailers who have put their trust in us. Finally, it is important to investors.

As at December 31, 2018, the Group had 47 owned and managed Shopping Centres certified under BREEAM “In-Use” in Europe, of which 22 were rated Outstanding”.
Certified Shopping Centres account for over 3.3 million m2 consolidated GLA and correspond to 90% of the owned and managed Shopping Centres portfolio (in terms
of certified assets’ value).

In 2018,Centrum Chodov achieved the highest score in the portfolio of standing commercial centres for building management (part 2), making it the commercial centre with the highest overall score in the Czech Republic as per the BREEAM In-Use international 2015.

The early implementation of “green leases” since 2009 made the Group the leader of sustainable operations and showed its engagement with its stakeholders. The same applies to “green clauses” incorporated systematically into the contracts signed with its service providers. These clauses span all relevant aspects of operations, from the use of products with a low environmental impact to the recycling of waste, and a number of practices supporting energy and water savings. Through such clauses, suppliers were also encouraged to behave in an environmentally friendly manner.

I find it very useful and practical management tool for all real estate assets on how to improve the overall sustainable operation. Thanks to its structure BREEAM provides systematic guidance and leads technical management team to improvements of the theoretical and practical asset technical management. Certification I percept as a „trade mark“ and result of hard work of all who are participating. I strongly believe it increases the overall value of the building.– Petr Vecko, Head of PMPS at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield CZ/SK