Health & Wellbeing Strategy

The health and wellbeing of occupants and other users lies at the heart of any ethical and sustainable approach to the design, construction and management of the built environment.

BREEAM provides market differentiation for buildings that reflect best practice across a range of sustainability issues. Its aim is to empower change through assessing, rewarding sustainability throughout the built environment both in the UK and globally.

Strategic approach to the selection and procurement of construction materials and products

The selection and procurement of construction materials makes a major contribution to the life cycle impacts of a building across the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. Much is talked about materials selection and many sources of information are available mostly at the level of an individual material. BREEAM seeks to encourage the whole building consideration of materials through the use of robust and science based approaches during the design and procurement of buildings, infrastructure and others aspects of the built environment.

Implementing the Strategic Ecology Framework in BREEAM

This short video explains the relevance of ecology to BREEAM standards and the opportunities now provided by the new Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF). It is designed to stimulate your input to the implementation of the SEF and the evolution of ecology in BREEAM.

Find out more about the Strategic Ecology Framework Consultation here.