Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Savings and Payback

Office Case Study for BREEAM UK New Construction 2018

This study follows on from the previous work BRE has performed with Currie & Brown on the cost implications of achieving BREEAM UK New Construction scheme assessment ratings of ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ for a model office building, with the capital and life cycle cost models updated to reflect current construction costs and the updated requirements in the BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 scheme.

The report challenges the perception that sustainable buildings are inevitably more costly to build than those that simply comply with building regulations, and has added to the growing evidence base demonstrating the low costs of achieving greater sustainability, the operational savings available, the trend of reducing sustainability costs and the wider benefits of more sustainable buildings.

The Sustainability Gap

The case for addressing wider sustainability in data centres
In 2010 the BREEAM UK Data Centres scheme was launched, assessing the design and construction of new-build data centre facilities in the UK. Since then, the industry has changed dramatically with new metrics, standards, and best practices. As a result, BREEAM set out to determine how the scheme could evolve to address these new sustainability challenges faced by data centres all over the world.

Supported by data centre critical environment specialists Keysource, this survey sought to answer some key questions surrounding the sustainability of data centres. The aim of the survey was to improve understanding of how the next iteration of BREEAM for data centres could bring value to the industry, and the findings of the survey are detailed in this report.

BREEAM Journeys: China

The first in a series of publications aiming to highlight the growth and use of BREEAM International in countries across the world. BREEAM Journeys: China was produced in conjunction with BRE China for their annual conference to showcase the growth of BREEAM in China and the contribution of BREEAM to the expanding sustainable buildings market there.

The publication summarises the market for sustainable buildings in China, how BREEAM works in China, including exemplar case studies, and the synergies between BREEAM and the Chinese assessment standard for green buildings, Three Star.

Capturing the Value of Sustainability

Identifying the links between sustainability and business value

Published and researched by the UKGBC and JLL the purpose of this report, and the guidance within it, is to empower businesses and individuals to make the business case for improving environmental and social impact activities and to enable them to measure and demonstrate the value their organisations derive from such practices.

The report includes case studies that highlight the contribution to value that BREEAM makes, including analysis carried out by LANDSEC on 101 property assets which showed BREEAM certification is a significant variable in rental performance. BREEAM Excellent assets outperform non-certified assets by more than 100%, with an average contracted rent of £47.5/ft2 vs £23/ft2, and 28% of variability in contracted rents can be explained by BREEAM certification.

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Savings and Payback

Office Case Study for BREEAM UK New Construction 2014

Using a speculative office building project, this report explores the cost implications and payback of achieving certified BREEAM Very Good and Excellent assessment ratings. The research behind this report builds on a similar study undertaken three years ago. The new work takes account of several factors including the increased energy performance demands of Building Regulations and the updated assessment criteria of BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 scheme. It also examines the difference between BREEAM uplift costs for a building meeting London Plan energy requirements and the same building not so constrained.

The report is published by researchers at BREEAM and Currie & Brown, the leading international asset management and cost consultancy.

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Value of BREEAM to Retail in the UK

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Value of BREEAM to Retail in the UK shows how retailers and developers can use BREEAM to help attract customers, increase operational effectiveness and manage costs and income.

The report is published by BREEAM and Currie & Brown, the leading international asset management and cost consultancy. It draws upon on examples of the approaches and benefits seen by some of the largest and most experienced developers and retailers, and includes guidance for those aiming to get the most out of their investment in sustainable retail buildings, whatever their size or role in the sector.

Value of BREEAM – A review of the latest thinking in the commercial building sector

The ‘value’ of sustainable buildings is a topic that receives close attention from a wide range of industry professionals. In response, numerous publications in recent years have sought to quantify this value in its various forms and what it means for different stakeholders including developers, owners and tenants of sustainable buildings. This document aims to bring together the findings of such publications and in doing so present the business case for maximising sustainability through BREEAM certification of non-domestic (commercial) buildings. The content is organised under the business benefits categories identified by the World Green Building Council (WGBC) report on ‘The business case for green building’ and references other independent organisations including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

The Case for BREEAM Communities

BREEAM Communities is a way to improve, measure and certify the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the plans for large-scale developments by integrating sustainable design into the masterplanning process.

Towards a Greener Future

Real estate is responsible for the majority of Europe’s carbon emissions and the industry will be at the forefront of any reduction in carbon and other sustainability improvements. DLA Piper surveyed more than 100 European real estate investors, asking a series of questions about trends in sustainability, green certification and documentation and the reasons for the increasing importance of sustainable real estate and this report highlights some of the reasons why the real estate industry is embracing green real estate and will continue to so do over coming years.

The Value of BREEAM (BSRIA report)

This report shows the value – in many forms – that can be derived from a consistent approach to measuring and benchmarking the design and performance of buildings, and unless we do that much more widely, we will fail to make the gains that could benefit so many people. The report also provides important feedback for BRE as the owners and operators of BREEAM, and as the industry’s needs and demands change ever more rapidly, it is essential to take on board customers’ feedback to inform the further evolution of the tool.