Technical Standards Finder

Use the finder to identify the Technical Standard most appropriate for your development type

It is important to check the scope of the selected standard to ensure it is appropriate to your development and assessment needs. To verify the most appropriate standard and register your project for assessment, please contact a Licensed Assessor.

See how BREEAM standards have been applied across the world by building type

Bespoke Projects and Mixed-Use Development

If you cannot find the right technical standard for your project, BRE offers a ‘Bespoke’ service. This involves tailoring criteria in the existing standards to the developments specific use, sustainability opportunities and its location. This tailoring takes place prior to the development being fully designed and constructed to maximise the benefit of its application.

For more information regarding this process and whether it is a suitable option for your project, please read our Guidance Note BREEAM Bespoke Process and download the form to start your Bespoke application.