What is BREEAM In-Use?

BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment method that enables property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to determine and drive sustainable improvements in the operational performance of their buildings. It provides sustainability benchmarking and assurance for all building types.

The Value of BREEAM In-Use

Lower running costs

BREEAM In-Use identifies ways to continuously improve efficiencies through monitoring, evaluation and setting performance targets that are assessed against tangible benchmarks.

Increased asset value and recognition

Improved asset performance means that BREEAM-certified buildings support lower vacancy rates, higher rental premiums and provide a reputable and meaningful route to Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Improved health and wellbeing

High standards of internal environments, such as air quality and lighting, and the promotion of active, healthy lifestyles are recognised to improve wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people living or working in the asset.

Recognising resilience

BREEAM In-Use considers an asset’s exposure to a range of risks from climate change and other drivers including flooding, pollution, natural hazards and security.

Supporting a circular economy

BREEAM In-Use adopts circular economy concepts to rethink how resources are considered, from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach to a more efficient and circular approach towards waste and materials.

Bridging the performance gap

Measuring and understanding the performance of buildings helps achieve designed levels of performance. BREEAM In-Use users can start planning improvements and stimulating positive change based on actual performance data and transform modelled outputs into actual outputs.

Leading the way to Net-Zero Carbon

The world is heading for a Net-Zero Carbon future in response to global challenges and growing demand from consumers, governments and investors. BREEAM In-Use provides a pathway towards achieving operational Net-Zero Carbon and beyond, using an integrated energy tool to measure stepped performance that is based on robust research, development and many years of experience as a world-leading environmental assessment methodology.

How it works

The BREEAM In-Use (BIU) assessment process operates through an online platform that enables users to register assets and assess them based on the part(s) chosen. The secure online platform has dynamic scoring which produces instantaneous outputs and includes reporting functionality that allows the user to track and improve the performance of their assets.

Summary of what BREEAM In-Use Assesses

Recognising and driving environmental performance for existing Commercial and Residential assets.

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Upgrade from BREEAM In-Use 2015 to Version 6

Building on years of experience

Since its creation in 2009, BREEAM In-Use has been used by thousands of assets in over 30 countries to benchmark, improve and certify their sustainability performance and to showcase high standards of ESG performance. The latest edition of BREEAM In-Use, Version 6, builds on this to keep encouraging and supporting the improvement of all buildings, wherever they are in their sustainability journey.

Version 6 brings major improvements to BIU’s standards for commercial buildings and a brand-new offering tailored for residential assets. In doing so, BIU continues to create, protect and grow asset value by encouraging investment in the asset’s performance, not just in obtaining a certificate.

How Version 6 drives performance forward

Discover a summary of the changes made for BREEAM International In-Use 2015 and BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial Version 6, or view our webinars below.

If you are a licensed BREEAM In-Use Assessor, you have access to a comprehensive online training to update you on the changes from 2015 to Version 6, via the BRE Academy. An interactive user guide for the BIU online platform is available, for free, when you register or log in – see ‘Getting Started’.

Explore our public consultation documents, including our external consultation response.

For those still working to the 2015 technical manual, you can access this here 

How BIU measures performance

BREEAM In-Use ratings are scored against key environmental categories that provide a comprehensive assessment of a building’s environmental performance and management.

The BREEAM In-Use online platform takes users through a set of questions that are used to assess asset performance against these categories to determine its overall BREEAM In-Use rating from good and best practice to beyond.

Read the summary of what BIU assesses and access the technical manuals for the full detail.

Backed by scientific research and peer review

BREEAM In-Use is developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) using research, science, independent peer-review and with insight and input from clients, assessors and other stakeholders. For more details about BRE, a world leading building science centre, please see here: https://www.bregroup.com/

Getting started

Registering your organisation
To get started with measuring and certifying your assets, the first step is to register on our online platform to set up an account for you and your organisation in just a few minutes.

Start measuring performance
Ready to start benchmarking your assets? For commercial assets, you can get started on the online platform straight away.

For residential assets, online platform access will be available by late Summer, 2020. Want to get started before then? Great! Contact the BREEAM In-Use team and we will be happy to help you get started: BREEAMInUse@bregroup.com

How much it costs
The costs for online access and for measuring your building are available in our Fee sheet.

Achieving certification
To certify an assessment of your asset(s) visit our listings page to find a licensed assessor.

Or you can become a licensed BREEAM In-Use assessor to help clients achieve certification by taking our industry-leading training from the BRE Academy.

BREEAM In-Use Brochures

BREEAM International In-Use overview

Driving operational excellence in building performance


Webinar 1- Welcome to BIU V6

This webinar contains a brief introduction to BIU and Version 6 to give you the highlights of what BIU brings, how it adds value and examples of it being used in practice:

  • Introduction to BREEAM and BIU
  • Highlights of what Version 6 brings
  • Transition from 2015 to V6
  • Value of BIU
  • Customer stories of BIU in action
  • Assessing at scale with our volume approach
  • Getting started

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Webinar 2- A deeper look into the technical standards of BIU V6

This webinar briefly touches on BIU essentials and the highlights of what V6 brings before going through the main structural and technical changes throughout the standards used to assess performance.

  •  BIU Essential
  • Overview of what V6 brings
  • Minimum standards and Exemplary credits
  • New categories Resources and Resilience
  • Main changes from 2015
  • Residential

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Webinar 3- Value across leading topics of ESG and sustainability; all in one place

One of the key benefits of BIU V6 is that it brings together key topics that investors, asset managers and occupants are increasingly concerned with, all in one place using one set of benchmarks that can be applied internationally. This webinar goes through some of these key topics that BIU delivers value on including why they are so important and how they are assessed in BIU:

  • Resilience
  • Circular economy
  • Social value
  • Pathway to net-zero

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Learn more

BREEAM In-Use Fact File 2017

Country Snapshot: Belgium

Country Snapshot: France

Italy Snapshot

Country Snapshot: Italy

Country Snapshot: Sweden


“Using BREEAM (…) means we focus not only on the buildings’ initial design and construction phase, but we also keep in mind the best, most efficient maintenance and upkeep once the facilities are in use.”
Rosa López, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Neinver

“BREEAM In-Use allows us to be sure that each technical device will be properly maintained and operated 365 days per year.”
Christophe Garot, Group HO Environmental Sustainability, Unibail-Rodamco

“By implementing BREEAM In-Use certification on our building we truly believe that the running costs of the building will be lower and the building market value will increase…In addition, we believe tenants will be more willing to rent or extend contracts there.”
Alexandru Galos, Owner of Olympia Business Park

“In partnership with Macerich, RealFoundations completed an evaluation of BREEAM USA assessment methodology as the framework for Macerich to achieve sustainable performance through operational efficiency across their portfolio. BREEAM is the clear market leader with its dynamic real time scoring platform, continuous tracking of improved performance at the asset level and across the portfolio. BREEAM In-Use methodology proved without a doubt the right tool for Macerich to embed as they expand their corporate program.”
John Seaton, Director, RealFoundations

Global reach with local adaptability

The BREEAM In-Use standard is applied internationally and certified buildings can be found in over 30 countries. A common set of questions allows the user to compare assets with each other no matter where they are located. In countries where we are affiliated with an International Partner, a locally adapted version of BREEAM In-Use is available. You can find out which In-Use standard is applicable within your country view our Technical Standards Finder Tool.

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