What is BREEAM In-Use?

BREEAM In-Use is an online, international, environmental assessment methodology for independent, third party assessment and certification of a buildings operational performance. The standard enables property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to drive sustainable improvements through operational efficiency, including how to continually manage the operation of their building effectively.

The standard can be used to assess all existing non-domestic building types against nine environmental categories: Energy, Water, Transport, Management, Waste, Pollution, Health & Well-Being, Land Use & Ecology and Materials. The standard is broken into three parts, each looking at different aspects of the building:

Part 1 – Asset Performance: the performance of the assets built form, construction, fixtures, fittings and installed services

Part 2 – Building Management: the operations and management of the asset

Part 3 – Occupier Management: the management of building users and services within the building (offices only)

The performance can be measured for a whole building or part of the asset, such as a single tenant space.

How does the process work?

The BREEAM In-Use assessment process operates entirely through an online platform that enables users to register assets and assess them based on the part(s) chosen. The secure online system has dynamic scoring which produces instantaneous outputs and includes reporting functionality that allows the user to track and improve the performance of their assets.

BREEAM In Use Process Flow

Register your assets for assessment today

It’s quick and easy to register and manage assets online.  There are no prerequisites, you can simply register with BREEAM and utilise the online tool.  So, if you want to register your building for BREEAM In-Use assessment and certification then watch the video (opposite) and click below to get started.

BREEAM In-Use Online Tool BREEAM In-Use Fee Sheet

BREEAM In-Use Technical Standard

The BREEAM In-Use standard assists property investors, owners, managers and occupiers to drive sustainable improvements through operational efficiency, including how to continually manage the operation of their building effectively. The standard can be used to assess all existing commercial type buildings. Currently, the In-Use standard does not apply to residential dwellings.

BREEAM In-USe International Technical Manual

BREEAM In-Use International 2015

BREEAM In-Use International 2015 – Standard Chinese language version

BREEAM In-Use USA 2016

What difference does it make?

It benefits investors, owners, landlords, facilities managers and occupiers by:

  • Reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency
  • Enhancing asset value and increasing market demand
  • Helping to attract tenants and occupiers
  • Improving the wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people working in the building
  • Helping bridge the ‘performance gap’ between modelled outputs and operational outputs
  • Providing independent third party certification of a building’s sustainability
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership

BREEAM In-Use Version 6 & BREEAM In-Use Residential


BREEAM In-Use is currently undergoing an update. The update to BREEAM In-Use International from the 2015 version to ‘Version 6’ will reflect the feedback received from Assessors, Clients and the wider market as well as the latest in science and research in the built environment.  Alongside this a new BREEAM In-Use Residential scheme will also be launched to provide an international sustainability standard for existing homes. BREEAM In-Use Residential will be a flexible programme that can assess all types of residential assets, from large developments with multiple blocks of flats to individual homes. BIU Residential has been piloted with homes around the world throughout 2019. The live version is due to be launched early 2020, as an independent industry-driven scheme that aims to improve existing housing around the world.

BREEAM In-Use Brochures

Driving operational excellence in building performance

The Oaks Mall, first BREEAM USA Certification

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BREEAM In-Use Fact File 2017

Country Snapshot: Belgium

Country Snapshot: France

Italy Snapshot

Country Snapshot: Italy

Country Snapshot: Sweden


“Using BREEAM (…) means we focus not only on the buildings’ initial design and construction phase, but we also keep in mind the best, most efficient maintenance and upkeep once the facilities are in use.”

Rosa López, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Neinver

“BREEAM In-Use allows us to be sure that each technical device will be properly maintained and operated 365 days per year.”


Christophe Garot, Group HO Environmental Sustainability, Unibail-Rodamco

“By implementing BREEAM In-Use certification on our building we truly believe that the running costs of the building will be lower and the building market value will increase…In addition, we believe tenants will be more willing to rent or extend contracts there.”

Alexandru Galos, Owner of Olympia Business Park

“In partnership with Macerich, RealFoundations completed an evaluation of BREEAM USA assessment methodology as the framework for Macerich to achieve sustainable performance through operational efficiency across their portfolio. BREEAM is the clear market leader with its dynamic real time scoring platform, continuous tracking of improved performance at the asset level and across the portfolio. BREEAM In-Use methodology proved without a doubt the right tool for Macerich to embed as they expand their corporate program.”

John Seaton, Director, RealFoundations

Case Studies

Where is it being used?

The BREEAM In-Use standard is applied internationally and certified buildings can be found in over 30 countries. A common set of questions allows the user to compare assets with each other no matter where they are located. In countries where we are affiliated with an International Partner, a locally adapted version of BREEAM In-Use is available. Please view our Technical Standards Tool to find out which In-Use standard is applicable within your country.

Continue the journey

Want to find out more about BREEAM In-Use or become a licensed BREEAM In-Use Assessor, visit our training page for further details. Or if you want to certify an assessment of your asset(s) visit our listings page and find a licensed BREEAM In-Use assessor in your location.