CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure

Later this year we will launch CEEQUAL (2018) as the successor to CEEQUAL Version 5.2 and BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot). This will bring together the best of both schemes into a new best practice approach to challenge projects to deliver better outcomes in infrastructure sustainability. It will combine the legacy and track record of CEEQUAL with the new thinking from BREEAM.

We realise that there are infrastructure projects that will be working through their strategy, brief and concept stages throughout 2018 that will wish to register to CEEQUAL (2018) once launched. However, to ensure they can demonstrate best practice they would ideally need to be considering the requirements of CEEQUAL (2018) now. We have therefore developed a pre-registration process that will enable projects to achieve this as far as possible.

Visit the CEEQUAL website to find out more