New Construction Technical Standards

The New Construction standards can be used to assess the design, construction, intended use and future-proofing of new building developments, including the local, natural or manmade environment surrounding the building. The standards can be used to assess most types of new buildings, including new homes and new-build extensions to existing buildings. Each uses a common framework that is adaptable, depending upon the building’s type and location.

Please view the Technical Standards Tool to find out which new construction standard is applicable to your project’s building type and location or select from the popular downloads and links below. For new-build developments that do not fall within the scope of one of our existing New Construction technical standards, we recommend you take a look at our Bespoke Process.

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Data Centres

BREEAM have produced two new Annex documents which must be used in conjunction with the BREEAM International NC 2016 manual for all data centre assessments.

  • Annex 1 includes background information and revised issues which completely replace issues in the BREEAM NC 2016 manual.
  • Annex 2 gives an overview of all changes to the technical criteria in BREEAM NC 2016.

What difference does New Construction make?

New Construction benefits property investors, developers, owners and occupiers by:

  • considering impacts and costs from a lifecycle perspective
  • reducing operational costs.
  • enhancing the buildings economic and social value whilst mitigating its environmental impact
  • creating better living and working environments for people, enhancing occupant satisfaction
  • enhancing market demand, helping developers and owners to attract tenants, occupiers to attract and retain staff and house builders to showcase the quality of their homes to purchasers
  • driving improvement in sustainable building approaches and technologies
  • giving independent, third party certification of a development’s sustainable credentials
  • contributing to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership.

How does it work?

The assessment criteria and process focuses on the design of the building from concept stage right through to a fully constructed building. It requires evidence to support the design and construction decisions, agreed during the development of the project, and ensures they have been fully implemented. The BRE Global version of BREEAM International New Construction is adaptable for all countries except those where there is a locally operated scheme by one of our partner scheme operators. Please view the Technical Standards Tool to find out which new construction standard is applicable to your project’s building type and location.

Whatever your new construction development type, you can start your journey to certification by registering your project against one of our standards via a licensed assessor.

Where is it being used?

The New Construction standards are currently in use in over 69 countries. See below for case studies of developments that have been assessed and certified using the standards or to search all certified assessments under this scheme visit here

BREEAM New Construction Brochures

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Value of BREEAM to Retail in the UK

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: Savings and Payback – Office Case Study for BREEAM UK New Construction 2014

Value of BREEAM: A review of the latest thinking in the commercial building sector

Client Testimonials

This is our first BREEAM Excellent rating building under the BREEAM New Construction, and one of seven total office schemes to have so far been certified. The handful of schemes meeting the high standards of the building regulations set the bar for future developments in London and across the country” 

Andrew Grint, Project Director for 240 Blackfriars Road, London

“We are looking forward to moving our main office to Bankside which we believe will help us to improve further the service that we provide to our clients and to continue to attract the highest quality talent in our field”

Richard Maughan, Senior Partner at Boodle Hatfield

“We are really thrilled to have reached the highest level in the BREEAM certification process.  We set out to exceed the 85% pass mark for “Outstanding” so to achieve a score of over 90% is simply brilliant.  The LPC is an inspiring building; it’s great place to work and to visit”

Karen Gravestock, Director of People & Place and coordinator of the Living Planet Centre (home of the WWF UK)

“By designing to the BREEAM standards we aim to save 40-60% of our current energy costs in the head office complex. Our new home will create a benchmark for every other UK business and showcase what can be achieved through a socially responsible approach to design and construction”

The Co-operative Group website on One Angel Square, Manchester

Case Studies

Bloomberg European Headquarters

Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing

Five Pancras Square

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