Alan Yates

Alan Yates
Alan Yates, Technical Director, BRE Global

Since its inception, BREEAM has been driving innovation and change in the design, construction and operation of our buildings. More recently it has extended its reach beyond the building and into the wider built environment. It has influenced policy, regulation, standards and industry practices around the world and remains at the leading edge.

By providing a rigorous and evidence based framework that robustly sets targets and benchmarks performance, BREEAM gives decision makers the confidence to innovate. It is based on practical, cost effective and meaningful actions and provides a common understanding and knowledge at all stages in the development life cycle.

Technologies, processes and priorities may change over time, but BREEAM continues to reflect them, while ensuring decisions are made ‘in the round’ by considering impacts on other aspects of performance, value and wellbeing. This ability to measure impacts and manage risk is at the heart of BREEAM.

We are entering a period of major change for the construction and property sectors, driven by changing solutions, processes and demands, together with a shortage of skills and resources. BREEAM will respond in a way that makes a difference to its users, enhances people’s lives, continues to drive innovation in design and construction, as well as helping to protect the planet.