BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 – Consultation

In 2014, the current BREEAM UK New Construction standard was launched. BRE aims to review and update standards on a 3 to 4 year cycle and we have now begun the process of updating. The next version is expected to go live in 2018.

Why update?

BREEAM criteria promote performance that goes beyond regulatory levels and reflect current best practice. As such, it is essential that we periodically update our standards to maintain technical robustness and reflect changes in opportunity through evolving practice, technologies and market drivers (keeping abreast of changes within the industry, policy and regulations). Updates also provide an opportunity to address feedback from assessors, clients and other stakeholders to ensure the standard continues to deliver better buildings and value to the client.

What is the scope of the update?

As a key part of the update process, all technical issues are reviewed to ensure they continue to deliver value and are up to date with recent developments within the industry, best practice standards, regulation & policy. For many technical issues this may mean that changes are relatively minor.  However, for some issues, the update may result in more significant changes.

Below we have identified the key areas that have been identified as a focus for this update:


  • Scheme Alignment
  • Performance Gap
  • Transport
  • H&W
  • Sector Tailoring
  • Resilience
  • Materials
  • Unregulated/Embodied Energy


  • Accessibility
  • Digital
  • Value
  • Data



The formal consultation has been in two stages.  The initial consultation period ran from November 2016 to March 2017 where we were looking to gain feedback on the current scheme and the outline proposals for change including those key areas above. This involved a series of consultation activities including workshops, an online questionnaire, assessor workshops (via customer liaison workshops) and attendance at key conferences. The feedback received during this first phased of consultation has informed the detailed development work to produce the second phase of the consultation process – the DRAFT BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 scheme manual.

The DRAFT scheme can be downloaded and reviewed here.

The DRAFT Guidance Note (GN32) outlines the proposed approach for the detailed energy modelling criteria in Ene 01 and further details on the verification stage. This can be downloaded and reviewed here.

What are the timeframes?

The consultation on the DRAFT manual will run until Friday 3rd November 2017 (see more details below), with a projected launch date of early 2018 for the final scheme.

Give us your feedback

The opportunity to comment on the DRAFT UK New Construction scheme has now ended and we are now focusing on reviewing all the feedback received from across the industry during our consultation period.

Thank you so much to all those who responded and gave us your comments, we really appreciate it!

Keep checking here for more updates soon about the ‘go live’ date for the UK New Construction 2018 scheme.


Land-use and Ecology

Implementation of the BREEAM UK Strategic Ecology Framework: Ecology Assessment Issue – Public Consultation

The proposed Ecology criteria for this scheme is subject to separate consultation and has not been included in the draft technical manual.

The BREEAM UK Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF) is currently being implemented across the BREEAM family of schemes as these are updated. This process involves development of the assessment issues, alignment, synergy and consistency where relevant across BREEAM schemes and built environment lifecycle stages. In support of this the proposed ecology assessment issues for this scheme are available for review in a separate consultation document.

This contains the proposed content of the revised Ecology Assessment issues in this category. It outlines the proposed Assessment Issues and contains the detailed criteria for review and comment. We are seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders who are involved in planning, delivering or maintaining BREEAM Ecology related aspects of development and assets. We very much welcome your input into this process.