Infrastructure Consultation

We are bringing together two successful sustainability rating schemes –  CEEQUAL and BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) – to create a single international best practice standard for civil engineering projects. We are taking the best from both CEEQUAL (including the development work behind version 6) and the BREEAM Infrastructure Pilot to inform one world class scheme for civil engineering projects.

We are aiming to release the next scheme in 2018 and development work is progressing well. The work is being guided by a specially appointed working group of users and experts from CEEQUAL, BREEAM, and industry backgrounds. People working internationally and from different sectors are represented to ensure we are listening to a diverse knowledge base.


How can I get involved?

As with all new schemes, we welcome feedback from sector experts, our assessor network, clients, and the wider infrastructure community.

Please contact us to give any comments you have on CEEQUAL, BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot), or the on-going development work. A formal period of consultation will be held before the next scheme is launched and this page will be updated with the details.

Find out more


For more information on using CEEQUAL on your projects, please visit the CEEQUAL website.

BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot)

For more information on the pilot methodology, please visit the BREEAM Infrastructure (Pilot) page.