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Defining the role and competency requirements of the Sustainability Champion in BREEAM

As a key stakeholder in the BREEAM assessment process, we are seeking your views on the future direction for the Sustainability Champion (SC) role within the BREEAM assessment process. Our aim is to strengthen the process, skills and experience that the SC role brings to the table in terms of BREEAM’s application, in order to maximise value to the client, the design and build process and building performance.

As part of the first stage of this work we ran a consultation in 2015 seeking feedback on experiences of the current Sustainability Champion role, as well as views on the proposed Sustainability Champion competency requirements as set out at that stage. The outputs from that consultation have informed the basis of this second stage of consultation and the proposed changes to the SC role.

We are seeking your views through the following second stage consultation process:

  • Review of a briefing paper containing detailed proposals including a draft set of BREEAM AP competency requirements.
  • Completion of an associated online consultation proforma available heretaking approximately 45 minutes to complete although detailed free text responses may extend this timescale.

In 2014, the role of Sustainability Champion was introduced into the BREEAM schemes as part of our continuous drive to encourage greater sustainability in the built environment by providing recognition where qualified BREEAM support is present within design teams, specifiers or other key stakeholders. This role incorporated the BRE Academy’s ‘BREEAM Accredited Professional’ and ‘Site Sustainability Manager’ schemes that were recognised in previous versions of the method and acknowledged the potential to recognise other similar schemes.In order to increase clarity and access to these credits, the briefing paper proposes a number of changes and a set of competencies that an SC should be able to demonstrate.

  1. Firstly we are proposing the removal of the title of ‘Sustainability Champion’, replacing it with ‘BREEAM Advisory Professional’ (AP). There will be separate design and site components to this qualification to recognise the differing skills and knowledge required for each procurement stage.As part of this those already qualified as BREEAM Accredited Professionals will be given grandfather rights to use the title BREEAM AP design and site. Similarly, those qualified as Site Sustainability Managers will be eligible to use the title BREEAM AP site. Additional self-learning and CPD requirements will be imposed to ensure that all competencies are met and maintained over a reasonable timescale.
  2. The briefing paper sets out the proposed competencies and other requirements including CPD required for qualification and use of the title BREEAM Advisory Professional.
  3. The paper also proposes alternative ways in which an individual could become qualified as a BREEAM Advisory Professional. This could include: the following of an independent or in-house training course, or self-learning where the individual has greater previous experience. In all cases, a common competency evaluation will be to ensure consistency and rigour in the process. The online consultation will close at midnight on Friday 1st July.We welcome your input and would like to thank you in advance for your time and support. The outcomes of this work will guide the on-going development of the BREEAM scheme requirements to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved where an Advisory Professional is appointed.



Defining the role of the Sustainability Champion – Proposals and follow-up consultation


Defining the role of the Sustainability Champion – Consultation response document