BREEAM Data Centres Sustainability Survey

In 2010 BRE Global released the BREEAM Data Centres manual for the UK market. Since then we have seen huge changes across the industry, from our approach to how we use data centres to the way we design, build, and operate them, and the technology that sits within.

What has not changed is the continued focus on energy efficiency and uptime. Although this has led to clear sustainability benefits, it is not the only impact that data centres have on the environment. To what extent is the industry aware of, and addressing the wider sustainability impacts of data centres?

In association with Keysource, Data Centre Alliance and TechUK, BREEAM is launching a survey for data centre operators, customers and industry professionals. The survey seeks to identify awareness of these other impacts, their relative importance to the industry, and the potential value that could arise from addressing these in the future.

If you work in the data centre industry, or know of any contacts, please take part or share the survey below. Your responses will help inform future sustainability policies in the data centre industry.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes, and is best done on a tablet or computer.

Take the survey here