BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial Version 6 Consultation

The BREEAM International In-Use scheme is currently undergoing an update. The urgency of addressing the sustainability of our communities and buildings – particularly existing buildings – continues to grow.  We are committed to ensuring that BREEAM continues to use the best research and science to set the standard and operate a certification scheme that delivers value and gives investors, owners and operators the information they need to make better decisions, manage risk and to communicate performance transparently.  The range of issues addressed by BREEAM has also grown since it was first launched in 1990, but many more environmental, social and economic aspects need to be considered. The challenge is to broaden BREEAM without increasing its complexity – expansion must go hand in hand with efforts to make assessments more accessible and transparent. Measuring the performance of operational buildings is key to building a climate resilient and efficient property portfolio.

The BREEAM International In-Use update intends streamline operational building sustainability assessment and expand its scope to enable whole portfolio assessment, including residential buildings. As such, we will be launching two technical manuals; BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial and BREEAM International In-Use: Residential.

To ensure our schemes are robust & meet the needs of the market and our customers, we value input from our key stakeholder groups. As such, BREEAM are now excited to announce that the public consultation for the new version of BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial is live*!

The consultation will take place between August 6th and September 15th 2019. More information on how to take part is available on the BREEAM International In-Use: Commercial consultation page, here you will find the draft manual, link to the consultation survey and a summary of changes document to highlight what’s new within the scheme.

We welcome feedback from all clients, users, assessors and stakeholders, and need your support to make the new version the best it can be. With so many sustainability, ESG & resilience challenges facing the real estate market right now, this is the perfect time to be involved! We look forward to hearing from you!


*As a newly established scheme, the BREEAM In-Use Residential scheme has followed a different consultation process and been in a pilot phase since December 2018. As such it will not be undergoing further consultation at this time.