BREEAM USA In-Use Version 6 is here!

BRE Global is pleased to announce that following a significant period of development, BREEAM USA In-Use Version 6 is now live.  

This update reflects the latest building research and science, best practices and standards as well as consultation with our stakeholders. 

In addition to improvements in the standard for Commercial assets, BREEAM In-Use will include Residential for the first time, the result of an 18-month long pilot process with participants around the world 

We are grateful to market leaders such as Alliance Residential Company and Greystar for their participation and contribution to the pilot program. The process also included Lord Green Real Estate Strategies, a sustainability consulting firm and a licensed BREEAM USA In-Use Assessor Organization. Our thanks are also extended to all those who provided comments and feedback during our public consultation period for the Commercial program. 

Never did we imagine we would be launching the BREEAM In-Use update under these circumstances. The global upheaval that we are all experiencing in some way underlines that sustainability and a focus on ESG performance is now, more than ever, absolutely critical to safeguarding our collective future for generations to come.  

One of the most significant changes with this update was to pivot BREEAM from not just looking back at past environmental performance but looking towards protecting the asset’s environmental and financial performance in the future. This linking of asset value growth and protection and environmental performance has always existed in BREEAM but our changing world made it imperative that it was addressed more intentionally. This update put a significant emphasis on the integration of Resilience with Environmental Performance and Occupant Health and Well-being at the asset level, an approach which resonates particularly in these challenging times. Alongside this we have woven Social Impact into the standard, encouraging assets to see that asset resilience is deeply connected to the resilience and sustainability the communities in which they are located. BREEAM is the first global rating system to incorporate these elements alongside Environmental Performance in a single program and with a focus on existing buildings. 


Learn More

From today, clients and Assessors will have access to everything they need to start measuring performance using Version 6 for both Commercial and Residential assets from the BREEAM USA website, including: 

  • The technical manuals for Commercial and Residentialwith the full technical detail, available to download in their entirety at no cost. 
  • Asummary of changesfrom the 2016 version for the Commercial manual and that highlights how Residential fits in the program. 
  • summary of the external feedback received globally during public consultation and how it was addressed. 
  • Updated fee sheet including Version 6’s 3-year certificate validity to provide maximum value. 

Not ready to plow through the detail?  

There is also aTechnical Standard Summary to provide an overview of the topics covered in the updated version. 

Start benchmarking

Version 6 registrations are open for Commercial and Residential assets.  Commercial assets are able to register and benchmark through our updated online platform. Online registration and benchmarking for Residential assets will come online by late summer, with offline Scoring and Reporting Tools are available for the interim.  Please contact Breana Wheeler to request more information. 

 Still using v2016? 

v2016 will remain open for registrations for one final year from today, giving clients and Assessors plenty of time to plan before they have to upgrade.  Assets that are due to expire after this one-year window will need to recertify in Version 6. 


If you have more questions about the new version, please contact Breana Wheeler, Director of Operations via email or phone (415-747-5152).