First residential project in China registered to BREEAM In-Use Version 6: Landsea Green Life

Since its creation in 2009, BREEAM In-Use has been used by thousands of assets in over 30 countries to benchmark, improve and certify their sustainability performance and to showcase high standards of ESG performance.
With the launch of BREEAM In-Use: Residential V6 in May of this year, BREEAM has further improved the comprehensive evaluation system with a global vision and a leading scheme which prioritises green management, health and wellbeing, disaster prevention and resilience, and energy control of centralized residential buildings.

The sustainability concept advocated by the BREEAM team coincides with the efforts made by Chinese property management companies in recent years. As early as 2018, China’s 13th “Five-Year Plan” explicitly stated that it is necessary to firmly establish and implement the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. The BREEAM China team has witnessed a very successful implementation in Landsea Green Life for how the property management of centralized residential communities can make efforts in the post-pandemic era.

Landsea Green Country is located in a high-profile residential area in Changning District, Shanghai. It’s the first high-tech green residential project in downtown Shanghai as Landsea’s generation-2 product. Before planning stage, Landsea has spent four years simulating the biology of surrounding areas to best optimize the neighborhood master-planning. With consideration of Shanghai climate zone and humidity, this project is being vastly innovative in terms of their energy saving technologies, indoor VOC control, outdoor air cycle system, temperature control and smart home facilities. A systematic solution to tackle noise, lighting, heat, humidity and air quality challenges are in place to guarantee the best experience for end-users. This project demonstrates the excellent benchmark to push the industry towards a higher level of building sustainability by leading a more healthy, comfortable and human-caring lifestyle.

In 15 years of development, the achievements of Landsea Green Life’s green operation concept have been widely recognized by the industry and the market. Among the 150 projects it manages, 79 centralized residential buildings have obtained China Three Star Green Building Certification, accounting for 52.67%. Among Chinese property management companies, Landsea Green Life is unique in its green management capabilities for centralized residential communities.

It should therefore come as no surprise that, as the first centralised residential building in China and among the first in the world, Hongqiao Green Country managed by Landsea Green Life became the assessment project of BREEAM In-Use V6 (Part 2). BREEAM will continue to support the creation of built environments conducive to health and wellbeing, value and sustainable quality. After the collaboration with Landsea Green Life, BREEAM schemes, especially BREEAM In-Use Version 6, will also empower the green management of centralized residential buildings, and add new international scheme and dynamics to the property management industry in China.

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