The sustainable value of BREEAM in USA

When BREEAM was first created in 1990 it was developed as a way to build sustainable new construction.  It worked so well, all other green building rating systems were modelled on the original BREEAM system.  Yet new construction is just a tiny percentage of the entire built environment, and every newly constructed building quickly becomes, well, an existing building.

To address these existing buildings, the BREEAM In-Use standard was developed.  It applied to nearly all existing commercial building, no matter the size, age, or performance level.  The program is simple to use and there are no prerequisites to meet.  It doesn’t require a lot of paperwork, doesn’t take a lot of time to complete, and the cost is low enough that even Class B and C buildings find it cost-effective.

So what makes BREEAM different from all the other programs in the marketplace that promise you a way to lower operating costs?

BREEAM is focused on building performance.  BRE, a science-based research center that created BREEAM has a core mission to improve the built environment through research.  BRE, a Charitable Trust uses the science it funds to create standards, products and services to advance the built environment for a safe and resilient future.  BRE has solutions for all stages of the built environments lifecycle because at BRE, we work with you to build a better world together.

It really is very easy to get started with BREEAM In-Use.  Register an asset for only $1000 and you gain access to the BREEAM online questionnaire.  Simple answer the questions to quickly benchmark your building, and then use the framework to make improvements.  The online tool is available for a full year, or until certification.  It enables you to keep track of all your improved operations by updating your questionnaire answers as you make enhancements.  At any time during that year you can hire a licensed BREEAM In-Use Assessor who comes onsite to verify your score and then  you receive an internationally recognized certification.

In the BRE published report “The Value of BREEAM“, research carried out by construction consultants Sweett Group and BRE found that office developers typically only invest up to 2% more when targeting higher BREEAM ratings, and recover that additional investment in two to five years through saving in their energy and water bills.  The same research found that achieving lower BREEAM ratings can incur little or no additional cost.

BREEAM gives every existing building the opportunity to use a cost-effective rating system that results in fast sustainable value for the owners, operators and tenants.  It’s that easy!

BRE prides itself on remaining beyond reproach and embraces a partnership with you as we build a better world together.  Our cutting-edge research brings positive change in the built environment through over 2,250,000 projects registered with BREEAM and over 560,000 certifications awarded worldwide.

That’s a lot of data.  That’s why BREEAM is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.  It’s the science behind it.

To find out how BREEAM In-Use can benefit your existing building, we are offering a FREE one-hour consultation.  Simply email with your contact information and we’ll set it up!