BREEAM Pre-Approvals Process (GN45)

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Assessments carried out in accordance with BREEAM schemes rely on evidence to demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements. This evidence usually relates only to a specific development (e.g. building, extension, refurbishment, etc). However, some clients use a standard design and specification across multiple builds. In response to this, BRE Global set out to develop a process whereby these clients could have the relevant evidence assessed and audited once for future use on multiple projects. The BREEAM Pre-Approval process does just this, and as a result can save time and money. The first step in the process is for the client and licensed BREEAM Assessor to determine if BREEAM Pre-Approval is suitable for the assessments being undertaken. The Assessor will then make an application using the Acceptance form & instructions in Guidance Note 45 – Downloadable opposite.